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“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything about it.”

  • Albert Einstein

With the increasing awareness about corruption and the urgent need to create an India that is free from corruption, there has been a significant increase in the number of movies and books that revolve around eradicating the corruption that has crippled the Indian society and its economy.

Nishikant Kamat’s Madaari, released on July 22nd 2016 is not only a thought provoking film that touches the soul but also an entertaining thriller at the same time. It is about the red tape in the corridors of power. The Irrfan Khan and Jimmy Shergill starrer brings out the deep resentment of the common man towards the corrupt leaders, his frustrations with system, his failing and falling against the politicians, his struggle against the bureaucratic system and his taking the system head on when pushed against the wall. The differentiating factor is that there is no lament, self-pity, helplessness or ‘Morcha’ but action to bring the corrupt leaders to the table whereby they are publicly forced to confess their sins and are made answerable and accountable to the public in true sense.

The movie is a quintessence of the power of a common man. While the common man places his faith and trust in the leaders of the nation there lies within him the courage to stand up and fight single-handedly when he is denied justice and when the red tape crosses the limit of endurance. As the story unfolds, one realises that the protagonist has a very carefully planned and skillfully executed scheme to bring the corrupt politicians to the fore and expose them. Irrfan Khan, plays the role of a common man who loses his son due to the corrupt practices prevalent in the nation but later takes over as a Madaari who takes the reins of the government in his hands to seek vengeance and demand justice. He makes the government dance to his tunes like a true Madaari.

The righteousness and truthfulness of the protagonist makes his main sufferer also fall in love with him and one sees the building and strengthening of a most peculiar bond. The entire nation comes to back the protagonist and feels for him.

Dialogues are unmistakeably the most crucial elements of a movie because that is what the Indian audience takes back home and associates the movie with. The well written dialogues of the movie and truly brilliant dialogue delivery by Irrfan Khan have raised the bar of the movie. The direction of the movie is sound and it is a very well written and well-knit movie.The movie brings out soulful performance from Irrfan Khan that is very impactful and connects straight with the heart.


If you are looking for an intense movie that has some substance, conveys a message and has a thoughtful and innovative storyline, then this is definitely the best deal. Away from the Bollywood masala of commercial movies, this is a movie that has the potential to strike the chord.