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    Harry Potter

- A fan fiction for all Potterheads

Once upon a time, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry witnessed one the most accomplished gang of trouble makers, who we proudly call The Marauders. The following is an excerpt of what would probably have been a regular day for these boys.

The scribbling of quills grew louder, as two young boys clad in black robes with the distinguishable golden and red scarfs, ran through the ever changing castle corridors. Breathless, with eyes sparkling because of the effort to draw their breath, they reached their Transfiguration Class. To the utter disappointment of the two boys, the cat was sitting exactly where they usually sat. Crestfallen, they moved to their places, wondering what plight might befall them now. The next thing they saw was the ferocious face of the perfect animagus Professor McGonagall.

“How often do Mr Potter and Mr Black plan on forgetting their way to the class?” she inquired.

“As often as Peeves doesn’t remember to put us off track” came the quick reply, by the handsome, Mr Black. Mr Potter was meanwhile busy scanning the class to find the mane of red-hair, and the girl was undoubtedly sitting in the front returning his mischievous smile with as contemptuous a look as possible.

Before Professor McGonagall would announce a series of detentions for the duo, a crashing noise disturbed the class. As the boys looked up, smirking, Moony had managed to save them yet again. And before they knew it, James and Sirius were taking Mr Lupin to the hospital wing. Half way through the corridor and the boys celebrated their victory.

“She’s growing prettier, she even winked at me today” exclaimed James, all the while playing with his snitch. “She could have thrown something at you” replied Sirius as the latter two erupted with laughter. “Don’t you think Snivellus has put her under the Imperious Curse-“as James continued hotly, “Oh give a rest! I didn’t faint to hear the same old Snivellus-Lily theory of yours” replied the restless little werewolf.

“Before I forget, I’ve decided on a stag” declared James proudly. “I’m gonna be a big black dog. I always knew that’s what I’m meant to be”, smirked Sirius. “Okay hold on, you be Prongs and I’ll be Padfoot” continued Sirius, in his as-a-matter-of-fact tone. “Sounds cool! Moony, Padfoot and Prongs. What do we make Lily? She’s could be Prongs’ girl”, smirking with self-satisfaction, James was still day dreaming about the pretty girl who hated him so much.  

“Do we really need to go over this again” exclaimed the exasperated Mr Moony. But then nobody tells James and Sirius what to do, once they have decided on helping Mr Moony…

They decided to sneak into Hogsmeade. The lovely weather and Mr Moony’s daring endeavour had urged them to treat themselves with some Butterbeer. It was these mornings at Three Broomsticks and their in-depth knowledge of the ways and passages in and about Hogwarts and not to forget, James’s invisibility cloak that led the three to come up with one of the greatest inventions of all times, The Marauder’s Map.

And the happy days of Moony, Padfoot and Prongs lasted forever after, because they never really managed to find Mr Wormtail. Poor Voldemort. :P