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~ Dhirubhai Ambani

I was completely distraught after my JEE and could see my dream of getting into the department of my choice crumble right in front of my eyes. It was that phase of my life where I felt I was just another average performer, deserved nothing but mediocracy in life and had lost the courage of even thinking to make it big someday. It was then that my mom gave me a book named “The Magic of Thinking BIG”, a book that was gifted to her at the turning point of her own career.

The magic of thinking BIG written Dr David J Schwartz in 1959 is one of the most talked about management books even today not only because of its relevance in today’s times but also because it teaches you to think beyond the mundane, every day and status-quo. The premise of this book is the fact that you do not need to be intellectual or have innate talent to become successful in life. All you need is the habit of thinking and behaving in the ways that can get you there.

This book gives you many hard headed, practical ideas and principles that will help you harness the tremendous power of thinking big. Also, each technique suggested here has been illustrated by a real life case history and this will tune your mind to always try and find the reason behind the success of people around you. The more you probe deeper in finding the rationale behind one’s success the more you will realise that “Success is determined not so much by the size of one’s brain as it is by the size of one’s thinking”.

One of the most fascinating things that I came across while reading this book was a disease by the name Excus-itis. Dr Schwartz defines Excus-itis as a mind deadening failure disease. The more frequently you repeat your alibi the more convinced you become that it is completely true! Vaccinating yourself against Age, Intelligence, Luck and Health Excus-itis is a very profound and excellently analysed piece in the book. Each one of us has been guilty of procrastination and Excus-itis at some point in our lives. Once you read this book you will be able to catch your mind in the midst of these and say: “A-ha! NOT AGAIN!”

Another interesting theory put forth in this book is that Knowledge has potential power. It is power only when it is put to constructive use.  When asked once, Einstein said that he didn’t know how many feet make a mile. What is the take home message from this? Your mind must be used to thinking and not act as a warehouse for facts. While doing the former can help you rule the world someday, the latter will make you nothing but an encyclopaedia which isn’t worth even Rs 500.

Your actions change your attitude and the easiest way to build your confidence is by altering your behaviour. Small steps like being a front seater, walking 25% faster, smiling big and keeping our appearances sharp are some of the very doable changes this book suggests.

The success producing principles explained in the book are valuable equipment for helping you develop your leadership capacity. But that’s not it! The book gives leadership rules and principles that can transform you into a quintessential leader. These include trading your minds with people you want to influence, “Think progress, believe in progress, push for progress” and most importantly taking out time to confer with yourself. Dr Schwartz gives the example of Adolf Hitler to expound how introspection makes a good leader a great leader. Hitler would not have achieved the power had he not spent months in jail, alone, where he had the time to construct the Mein Kampf.

The Magic of Thinking Big is one of those books that I believe one should always keep handy. Give it a quick run through every six months and definitely once before you embark on every new chapter of your life. It will give you an adrenaline rush and broaden the horizons of your thinking. For those who are reading it for the first time, go slow with it. Let it penetrate into your mind and soul. Read just one chapter a day but make sure you contemplate the ways you can apply the principles in your life. It is undoubtedly a heavy reading.


The Magic of Thinking BIG helped me realise that thinking big is something a person should never ever give up! Self-depreciation is man’s biggest weakness. I learnt to see my strengths and that was when I realised that the only thing that I lacked was a BIG and an ever growing thinking. A man belongs where he truly wants to go!