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In this next article of our new series, we bring to you, a detailed account of “Hoodoo”. Siddarth Jain is one of the founders of Hoodoo. He is the current General Secretary of BSW. Other co-founders are alumni of IITB and Thapar University.

What is Hoodoo?

Hoodoo means magic and is indeed the reason behind its name because the people at Hoodoo believe in taking care of your every need related to your product, right from searching to delivery and even its features. To use Hoodoo, all you need to do is just contact them and put your demand. Whether it is flowers, food, furniture, gadgets or anything, these guys will search your desired product in the markets, make sure that it is best suited to your need, is worth buying, and even order it for you from online websites if needed.
Now, the fundamental question that comes to our mind, how is it different from other product delivery services? To this Siddarth replies, ‘Previously people didn’t know where to look and what to look for. Presently with internet you can now get a list of websites giving you the intricate details of products but the consumer has to then bang his head in comparing and choosing the product, ordering it or even getting it from some far off place, getting products repaired. This is where Hoodoo comes into picture, for example if you want a table for your home then you don’t have to look it up on websites or go to some market on your weekend and struggle with negotiations and products. All you have to do is just tell the guys at Hoodoo to do get a table for you. These guys will search the market, find a table which suits you (through the help of experts) and is available at the best price and get it delivered to you. All this for just a nominal fees.’
Right now Hoodoo is in talks for funding and is of the opinion that one should concentrate on one’s services. Everything else is secondary.

What makes them tick?

The primary motivation for guys at Hoodoo is that through this initiative they are improving the quality of life of people. As Siddarth says, ‘It is the next big thing in revolutionizing the way products are delivered to people.’ Through Hoodoo one can save a lot of time, get the best product and most importantly be satisfied. And all this is just one call/text away. Also Siddarth told us that he would like to thank his BSW representatives and secretaries for being so supportive and helping him run the board smoothly without compromising with work standards. He expressed deep heartfelt gratitude towards his team.
On talking about deferred placement policy he is of the view that it is a great initiative from IITD’s administration to promote startups. Although he would have done it anyway but the policy adds that extra feeling of security especially for parents. This policy has definitely reduced one problem.


On being asked about what opportunities Hoodoo has to offer Siddarth says that interns are offered according to one’s abilities and people interested in working with them can contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Way Ahead

Siddarth says that their immediate goal is to cover entire Delhi and NCR and get more experts.

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