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How to make a CV???

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It’s the time when we need to start applying for interns. And with this comes the season of writing CVs.

“Drop this point, iss ko highlight karo, adjust both points in a single line, no repetition…” we often keep on revising and tailoring our resumes and finally end up with a series of files

CV.pdf, CV1.pdf,  CV-final.pdf,  CV-finallyfinal.pdf,  CV-finallyfinalfinal.pdf……

So, here comes an article with some fundae that definitely will make your CV more effective and the entire process easier.

Keep it Short and Simple:  Avoid lengthy resumes. Drop each word which you can.Go with plain standard Calibri-Cambria formatting.

Give Some Breathing Space: In attempts to squeeze your CV, ensure proper white space is left and the page looks presentable. Remember, it is not creative writing. So, don’t play with the sections. Rather, follow the standard pre-defined sections.

Try to Include Numbers: %age, %tile, ranks, 1st , 2nd : They really make your CV concrete and help the person get an idea of your achievement.

  • For instance, in case of a big department size, you can mention that you are amongst the top x% students if you have a decent DP but not a top one.

  • Avoid JEE ranks, unless they are exceptional. After all, everyone enters IIT through JEE only.

  • Your Olympiad or competition ranks stand out more if you mention the number of applicants or participants.

Prioritize: Follow the chronological order. Keep focus on your recent achievements. As you go down, include things only which really are worth. Ensure that posts of class monitors or flower arrangement competitions don’t make it to your CV.  Because, it might give an impression that you have not done anything worth mentioning in your college.

What to put? Your past interns, projects or extra-currics should be put in a way that clearly indicate some technical skill or a personality/ leadership trait i.e. the task of each point should be defined and try to frame lines which convey it.

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Personalize and Tailor your CV for the Job: We have to often make changes according to the purpose it has to fulfill. Often, it needs to show an inclination in the particular field we are applying and should highlight the skills demanded.


Boast Politely: This is the key to master CV writing. You need to mention your achievements and make the person believe that you can easily outweigh other students and stand out of the crowd (as you have done in the past), but at the same time, look polite and humble. Using action words as worked, organized, led etc might add to the politeness quotient.

By: Anuj Dhawan

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