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Aarushi Arora, Summer Internship, American Express

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Q. A few lines about yourself.

Ans-I am Aarushi Arora a dual degree electrical engineering student presently in my 4th year. My hobbies are  reading , debating and watching movies. Presently,I am working as a chief editor in BSP. During this summer break, I did a summer intern in Amex (American Express), Gurgaon.

Q-. How did you choose the company to do an intern in ? What were the main criterions?

Ans- The internship season starts in the beginning of the 3rd year or at the end of 2nd year .The procedure is that you apply for companies and they shortlist you to conduct an exam or an interview . A drawback of being in a electrical 5 year course is that quite a lot of companies are hesitant to take you in as they cant offer you a PPO(Pre Placement Offer). Amex was one of the first companies that came in at the start of the season and I took the opportunity with both hands.

Q. What sort of questions did the company ask you in the Interview? What  qualities do you think they were trying to test?

Ans- It varies from company to company. My interview was more of an interaction with the team. They asked very basic questions which were not related to my department. So one can say it was a HR like interview. Since, Amex is a company that deals with credit cards and stuff so they asked me about what I knew about the company and the things they are concerned with. They also tested me on my problem solving skills to see how I would react to different situations that could arise in the company. But, I must add that it never became too technical.

Q. A brief description about the kind of work you did there?

Ans-  My work was primarily related to data analysis. Amex as such handles a lot of  day to day transactions. My project was to analyse the data and to enhance the system and reduce the frauds in that domain. It involved some coding as well.

Q-How was the environment there at AMEX ?

Ans- As one would expect from a company like Amex ,the environment was very cordial . People were very friendly and they were always ready to help me out. Also, unlike a typical company you werent expected to work for a stipulated no of hours. You could take a one hour break and relax , obviously the constraint being that you met your deadlines.  

Q-How do u think this internship has helped you in your development? Shed some light on what u have gained during the process?

Ans- As they say Information isnt knowledge , the only source of knowledge is experience. So, most certainly I learnt a lot about the outside worldwhich I will be exposed to after 2 years. I got to know about how a company functions and a first hand experience of the working environment in big companies. Again it wasnt a core company but I will take it, its  another feather in  my hat!! 

Q. One piece of advice that you would like to give to your juniors?

Ans- I would suggest them to maintain a good balance between academics and extra-currics  . If one can maintain a good CG(around 8.5) more often than not they will get a decent intern /placement. Also if you are working on a good project or doing something beyond academics while still maintaining your CG ,it sends a very positive message to the visiting companies. In a nutshell , dont necessarily be a Maggubut utilise your time judiciously!!





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