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Nikhila Hans, Summer Internship, GSK

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Q. What was your internship about?

A. My intern was at GSK(GlaxoSmithKline, a British multinational pharmaceutical company) Consumer HealthCare. GSK has Horlicks as its main product. And its manufactured at three sites. One of them is Sonipat. My project was to check the feasibility of setting up a bio gas plant near their manufacturing site. The main aim was to lower the carbon footprint of the plant, and they saw Biogas plant as a solution. Whether the site was technically and economically feasible or not, that was the analysis I had to make. Sometimes I had to go to Sonipat and sometimes Gurgaon which was the headquarter. it wasnt a lot of travel as I generally commuted once or twice in a week.

Q. What were some challenges/obstacles which you had to face?

A. There wasnt any obstacle as such when it came to doing the project because all it involved was do some mathematics and research. I think the challenge was working in a company like that because its a big organisation. People dont have time for you. You need someone to guide you on something which is practical and needs effective implementation, as we dont usually implement in reality the projects we do in the college.We are usually not so serious about our projects. So to avail that required guidance, you need to reach out to people and persuade them to help you. You need to be an extrovert. You really cant be an introvert and just do your work.You have to show people your are working, you have to take interest in the company and you need to take their time as well to have a good guidance.

Q. Did you work actually involve chemical engineering?

A.  No. It didnt. Biogas plant is a particular section of chemical engineering, but I didnt take any explicit course on the topic. It was like doing a course all over again.

Q. Does this intern help you in getting a better perspective of what kind of job you really want to do?

A.  Definitely. It gives an experience of working in the company itself. About how do you go about in a company. It does help you realise if this is the job you would like to do or you would shift to some other area. Personally, I would like to shift to a different kind of job. It was a decent job but I think other jobs could be better.I am not sure though. I will still be trying for core jobs in the placements.

Q. Was there anything funny which you noticed while working there, different from that of IIT?

A.  Yes. The funny thing I found was that when we are doing course and projects here at IIT we make estimations and approximations in our dataset which we analyse. At least, what my expectations from the intern was that people working in the company would be stringent on exact numbers and not actually make estimations.That the analysis should be perfect. However it doesnt happen actually. For example I had to call some vendors and check with their prices and products. All of them exactly do project exactly like we students do.They are fine with the efficiency being 60 percent or 80 percent.I found that funny.

Q.Would you like to give any advice to the juniors?

A.  An advice I would like to give is that you should be very enthusiastic about interns. When our intern procedure started, I wasnt too enthusiastic as such. What matters is not only the time which you spend at a company, but also the name of the company and the kind of people you are going to work with. It will matter throughout your life. For example, when I would sit for my placements this year, the company where I interned would definitely matter. Had I interned in a company that wasnt so good, it would probably have become a problem to me.

Q. One thing which you would like to take away from this intern?

A.  Corporate jobs are hard. You have to work a lot. Because my take away is that if you are an IITian you work more than others. But that doesnt stop. You have to keep working more even in your job. Life in a company is different. You have to be accountable to people and remember that your projects wont just end up in a file. It would rather be a real life project affecting real lives.In fact one of the important take over is you should enjoy college life as much as you can.





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