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Kanwal Kochar, placed at ITC

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Q. A few lines about yourself

My name is Kanwal Kochhar and I’m from the 2015 batch of the Mechanical Engineering Department. I was from Shivalik Hostel and I’ve been regularly involved with the Music Club and the FSAE. Presently, I’ll be joining as the Technical Manager at the ITC.

Q. Where did you Intern? And what was the kind of work you did there? 

I interned at ITC, after my 3rd Year. My project profile was related to Industrial Engineering and it mainly focused on the plant layout design. I was also supposed to go through the industrial regulations for the same.

Q. On what all criteria do you think that a company like ITC bases its selection upon? 

Apart from your CGPA, they tend to look for a balanced CV. They do look for extra-curricular activities and co-curricular activities. Mostly they judge your management skills through your involvement in various activities. They do aim at testing your basic technical concepts.

Q. What is going to be your major work under “Technical Manager”? (A brief description about the kind of work you expect to do there)

I believe my work would be more or less the extension of my Internship. I haven’t started the work yet but I expect it to be that of a project manager. There are also many other functions in which one can be positioned in the company. 

Q. What sort of questions did the company ask you in the Interview? What all qualities do you think they were trying to test? 

There was a technical round where my technical concepts were tested. After that you reach the HR round. Here the interviewer tries to test your management skills, like they analyzed and asked about my CG patterns and how I used to manage various activities.

Q. What are the suggestions you would like to give to students who might be aspiring for such a job? 

For such a job, first one should have an interest for a techno-managerial profile. Maintain a decent CGPA (7.5 or above will be good). There should be at least one activity that they are able to point out in terms of their achievements. As far as courses are concerned, what would work in your favor is if you’ve done a good course and you’re able to reflect your skills pertaining to it in the interview. A good understanding of core courses is a must.

Q. What were the various options available to you at the time of placements and why did you choose ITC? 

At the time of internships, I applied at HUL and ITC only. I got selected for ITC and I had a PPO from there. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship there and I wanted to go for something similar. And now I’m continuing with ITC.

Q. One piece of advice that you would like to give to your juniors.

Could be something you think that had you done that when you were in college, you'd have been better off now or maybe some advice as to how to prepare for the interviews. 

One thing that I’d like to advise them would be to work well on their projects. Work to the extent of getting a patent or a paper out, maybe have a startup. Or at least it should be good enough for your juniors to take it further. Not only is that highly satisfying, you can also take that work to your interviews and it does get a lot of importance there.

Q. One last question, the thing that you think you’ll miss the most about IITD. 

Uh *Laughs* I’ll miss my friends, our hostel life, the Music club, and going late to classes. I’ll miss the amount of masti we had during music club preparations. I miss the time when the BRCA used to be competitive, though there was more pressure, but that made it all the more exciting.





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