Thursday, January 18, 2018

Finding the job that finds you!

“IIT students land plum job offers during placement drives” Is this really true?”  The massive swarm of people near LHC on December 1, the first...

The Lost Spring

By Devashish Kumar Fulfilling my father’s dreams,I forgot to dream. Wanting to be the first in everything, I forgot to enjoy. Building a house,I forgot...

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What to do this Summer?

So it’s the long summer break round the corner. It’s time for a break from this always busy IIT life and earn some refreshments. The time gap is almost 75 days and henceforth there would be chances of some really long boring days during these vacations. Here are some tips on how to use this time in a productive and cool manner.

Rajan Era Ends, says ‘No’ to a Second Term

“I am an academic and I have always made it clear that my ultimate home is in the realm of ideas. The approaching end...