Sunday, July 21, 2019

Are you experiencing global weirding yet?

Krishna AchutaRao Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT Delhi On May 19 of 2016, India’s all-time temperature record was smashed when temperatures soared to 51°C in Phalodi,...

Six Ideas of the University & Six Universities at which I have been


Almost two hundred years ago, Thomas Carlyle wrote with magisterial certitude: “The true university of these days is a collection of books”.

Carlyle believed that the rise of print technology and the drive towards mass education in the western world had weakened the idea of the authoritative teacher. The ‘heroes’ of his time, he argued, were writers, not teachers, and aspiring students could go directly to books as repositories of learning.

Is the Internet, then, the ‘true university’ of the 21s t century?

Perseverance and Practice – A letter from Prof. Kiran Seth

To my dear student, When I go to teach a class today there are, largely speaking, two types of responses which I get. The first...

The Heady Adventure of Journalism

Try searching for a journalist who is bitter about his or her job and you should not be surprised if it is difficult to...