Thursday, February 22, 2018

Research of the Month #4

The NasoFilter Industry Day 2017 presented a platform for nearly 200 firms to assess the commercial viability of IIT Delhi’s student’s inventions. One of the...

Perseverance and Practice – A letter from Prof. Kiran Seth

To my dear student, When I go to teach a class today there are, largely speaking, two types of responses which I get. The first...


You have probably heard the word Piezoelectricity (literally meaning “pressing electricity”) thrown around quite a lot in recent times. From helping quartz watches keep...

Fighting Cancer – Research of the Month

Various diseases have threatened our world, some curable and some not so much. Cancer is one, that lies in somewhat of a gray region....

Six Ideas of the University & Six Universities at which I have been


Almost two hundred years ago, Thomas Carlyle wrote with magisterial certitude: “The true university of these days is a collection of books”.

Carlyle believed that the rise of print technology and the drive towards mass education in the western world had weakened the idea of the authoritative teacher. The ‘heroes’ of his time, he argued, were writers, not teachers, and aspiring students could go directly to books as repositories of learning.

Is the Internet, then, the ‘true university’ of the 21s t century?

“It’s an unconventional job but I love it!”

It all started with an idea. A spark. Dhananjay and his roommate, Anmol, had always been interested in starting something of their own.  Timble...

Scoops Wale Bhaiya

Worker at Scoops @ IITD

Professor Arudra Burra

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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Introducing the guy behind all philosophies! Read on to find out more about our conversation with Professor Burra, one of the coolest and most looked upon Professor on campus. His Hukka courses are truly to die for. We present to you, Professor Arundra Burra's views on most of things that directly affect our life on campus.

Professor Amitabha Bagchi

"Stop, take a breath, look at the world and ask yourself - what kind of person do I want to be?
Who do I want to be? Do I just want to be ticking and scoring or do I want to stop and start caring for other people and doing things that make a difference to other people’s life?"

Prof. Sandeep Sen

Nearly a semester has passed since our new Deans got appointed, and it is time we had a closer look at their lives. IIT Delhi is not an easy place to administer. Yet, these professors have taken up the challenge to do it. Here is Prof. Sandeep Sen, Dean of Faculty, talking about his life, his concerns and his plans for the betterment of the institution.