Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Unexpected Virtue of Being Stubborn

-Spandan Madan

Yes, the title has been picked from the movie Birdman, and If you haven’t seen that movie yet, I think you’d be spending your time much better watching that movie than reading this article. But those of you who have seen it, you’d probably relate well to what it means to be a compulsive dreamer and to have borderline impractical ambitions. No, this will not be another banal article motivating you to reach out and pursue your dreams.

Startup to Unicorn

To quench the thirst of those driven by the lust of bringing an impact, those destined to choose the road less traveled, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIT Delhi in association with Matrix organised an interactive session with leading entrepreneurs and alumni last Tuesday.


Most of us are crazy about the idea of building our own start-up. But, we are unaware of the privileges IITs provide. If you decide sometime to set your ball rolling, where should you knock? Who should you concern? Where should you finance and a lot more. Don’t worry; help is always given at IIT to those who ask for it.

Industrial,MnC: Indeed Inc, Vidhem Chhabra

Q. Vidhem, a few lines about yourself-your department, where all have you worked/interned before, what else do you like?  I am a fourth-year student pursuing...

Startup Success Story

Recently, Mr Pulkit Sachan, an IIT Delhi student, won the Startup Innovation Award 2015. Here we try to take an insight into his mantra for success.