Sunday, August 25, 2019

Condensed Matter Physics, UC Davis

SIDDHARTH VADNERKAR   Many people go for research or aspire to be a researcher, all have their reasons, but I promise you can’t find a man...

Consult:Max Ventures and Industries Limited: Anubhuti Agrawal

The internship one undertakes during the third year is one of the most impactful and influencing entity in one’s CV. Thus, it becomes imperative...

Electrical: Power and Automation Core Internships

We all come across the courses that are a part of our course structure. What is it then, that doesn’t make Joe a dull boy? What is it that our courses in college somehow fail to properly teach us?

Non-Core Internships (Department of Biochemical and Biotechnology)

Department of Biotechnology is infamous for not having many options in non-core sectors for its third year students. While students in other departments may...


"Chakr" a startup founded by Ishani Jain, Prateek Sachan, Kushagra Srivastava, and Arpit Dhupar made it to headlines when it was listed under top 5 startups of the country. To know more about this exciting initiative we contacted Ishani Jain, a third year chemical engineering student. You can also find more about their work at their website

Piyush Gupta, placed at Honda Japan



This time we bring to you, Adloid. We interviewed Kanav Singla (Co-Founder Adloid), a fourth year Civil Engg. student. The other co-Founder being Shubham Gupta, a final year dual degree Chemical Engg. student.