Friday, June 22, 2018

A Game Against US

  A Game against US   While I tried to play fair, the Trump card will push Indian students, and especially the...

Apurv Kaushal

Chemical Engineerig Imperial College of London

Saksham Agarwal

Engineering Physics - University of Groningen

Utkarsha Agwan | Electrical Engineering – Stanford

Utkarsha Agwan - Interned at the Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, USA APPLICATION PROCEDURE: I started scouting for and mailing professors in October, which is...

Ritik Vijavergiya

Electrical Engineering - Purdue

Sunint Khurana, London School of Economics

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To a trip of a lifetime - my adventures in London
To say that past month was exhilarating would be an understatement to the time I spent at the London School of Economics in London.

How to make a CV???

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It’s the time when we need to start applying for interns. And with this comes the season of writing CVs.

“Drop this point, iss ko highlight karo, adjust both points in a single line, no repetition…” we often keep on revising and tailoring our resumes and finally end up with a series of files

The Startup Internship Rush

Startups in recent years have hogged the business limelight with ventures in a range of fields mushrooming across the country. Notwithstanding the recent blacklisting of a few startups from IIT placements, they’ve enjoyed an ever-increasing presence on the placement and internship scene.