Monday, January 20, 2020

The General CV

Hola! As the internship season approaches and all of us pull our socks to race for the best intern, be it in the field...

Startup Success Story

Recently, Mr Pulkit Sachan, an IIT Delhi student, won the Startup Innovation Award 2015. Here we try to take an insight into his mantra for success.

NTHU, Taiwan – Urvashi Dhar, BB1

Application Procedure: I started applying to universities at the end of October amidst frantic mailing that my batchmates had commenced a month or two before...

Wadhwani AI – Sansiddh Jain, ME1

Want to get an insight into where and what you want to do after graduating? Third year internships might just be your golden ticket...

MnC Internships



The Mathematics and Computing program aims at training the students to handle problems in industry and research laboratories through combined use of mathematical and computational techniques. The emphasis is on training them in various aspects of theoretical computer science, computational techniques, mathematical modeling, simulation, probabilistic and statistical tools.


Alumni Stories Chapter 5: Kiran Bedi

For our last Convocation video, join us in our interview with a woman of firsts, a pathbreaker in many respects and an alumnus who...

Industrial,Chemical: ITC, Apurva Kaushal

One of the most impactful in the list of things that the employer would look for when you sit in an Interview are the internships and projects that you have done. Thus, it becomes very important that one chooses what he/she does in their breaks very wisely. Some people tend to follow the strategy of doing something different every year such that at the point of graduation and placements they know exactly know what they want to take up as a career. One of the options is an internship and this article talks in detail about the very same in  ITC’s summer internship programme. This article has been made with the help of the information provided by Apurv Kaushal who is currently doing a summer intern in ITC’s FMCG sector.

How to make a CV???

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It’s the time when we need to start applying for interns. And with this comes the season of writing CVs.

“Drop this point, iss ko highlight karo, adjust both points in a single line, no repetition…” we often keep on revising and tailoring our resumes and finally end up with a series of files

CS, University of Montreal

With the ascent of interest in research and IIT Delhi itself inclining itself towards being more research oriented than it has ever been, fabricating...

Stanford University – Utkarsha Agwan, EE1

Utkarsha Agwan - Interned at the Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, USA APPLICATION PROCEDURE: I started scouting for and mailing professors in October, which is...