Monday, January 20, 2020

Adwait Singhai

Adwait Singhai, the former BSA Gen Secy with a lanky frame and curly hair, is now an employee at the much acclaimed and sought-after Boston Consulting Group (BCG). It might be all hunky dory for him now, but every success story involves an immense level of dedication and hardwork. And Adwait’s case is no different. Here is an account of his experiences and the invaluable lessons he has gained during his college and job life.


Consultancy With the placement application process going on in full swing there are a plethora of career options available for the students. In this article,...

Electrical Engineering Internship

Internship at Qualcomm, Sunny Bhagia


Alumni Stories Chapter 3: Academia (Soumitra Dutta)

Soumitra Dutta, the second of the four Distinguished Alumni Award recipients, is the Founding Dean of Cornell University’s S C Johnson College of Business...

Kyushu Institute of Technology – Aditya Jain, ME2

About the internship Aditya Jain, 3rd year Production Engineering was doing a research internship under the Global AAR program for two months in Shibata Lab,...

EPFL – Surbhi Agarwal, TT1

Application Procedure: I started the mailing process in September. I wrote about the MCP100, ELL100 and COL100 projects in my CV. In addition, I also...

Wadhwani AI – Sansiddh Jain, ME1

Want to get an insight into where and what you want to do after graduating? Third year internships might just be your golden ticket...

Research,Engineering Physics

There are not many companies on offer when it comes to internships for engineering physics students. However, the vast opportunities in research in several renowned universities, more often than not, make up for that deficit. Here we present to you an insight into the hugely in-demand scholarships programs of Caltech and how an engineering physics student can make the best use of this internship opportunity.


Credits – Dhruva Ganapathy

MnC Internships



The Mathematics and Computing program aims at training the students to handle problems in industry and research laboratories through combined use of mathematical and computational techniques. The emphasis is on training them in various aspects of theoretical computer science, computational techniques, mathematical modeling, simulation, probabilistic and statistical tools.

Deutsche Bank, FinMechanics, Goldman Sachs

People in IIT come with varied expectations. Some expect to open their start-up, some want to pursue higher studies while others may want to...