Monday, January 20, 2020

Industrial,MnC: Indeed Inc, Vidhem Chhabra

Q. Vidhem, a few lines about yourself-your department, where all have you worked/interned before, what else do you like?  I am a fourth-year student pursuing...

The Startup Internship Rush

Startups in recent years have hogged the business limelight with ventures in a range of fields mushrooming across the country. Notwithstanding the recent blacklisting of a few startups from IIT placements, they’ve enjoyed an ever-increasing presence on the placement and internship scene.

ITC Limited – Rahul Motwani, CH1

Selection Procedure: The selection procedure of ITC is quite intensive. First students were shortlisted on the basis of the resume (which is generally displayed during the...

Sunint Khurana, London School of Economics

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To a trip of a lifetime - my adventures in London
To say that past month was exhilarating would be an understatement to the time I spent at the London School of Economics in London.

Daksh Arora, Summer Internship, Johns Hopkins University, USA

“Dreams do come true”   Hi, I am Daksh Arora a third-year undergraduate pursuing Production and Industrial Engineering. Well, I am in...

Daimler AG – Arundhati Dixit, ME1

Selection Procedure I had applied off-campus. The company, like many others, posts openings for prospective students on its career website and LinkedIn. How this works...

Deutsche Bank – Sarthak Vishnoi, CS1

The third-year internship is often the first time one steps into the field that he will work in and is a major factor in helping...

Graduate Study Decisions: MS vs PHD

There have been a lot of questions asked on whether one should pursue an MS, and whether it was worth doing it over a Ph.D., as many feel that