Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Finance: Futures First: Achin Goyal

Finance! Trading! Money Flow! Is that what interests you? Want to have a career in it? But don’t have any knowledge?Well, this article of...


Consultancy With the placement application process going on in full swing there are a plethora of career options available for the students. In this article,...

Research,CS:Microsoft Research: Praneeth

For insight on how to obtain a research internship in the field of Computer Science, we interviewed Praneeth Kacham who did his research internship...

Software:Samsung: Mehak Preet

Third year internships are a time where students generally love experimenting in different fields,  in such a way that by the time they graduate...

Alumni Stories Chapter 2: The Entrepreneur (Saurabh Mittal)

Join us as we speak with the man behind the upcoming Mittal Sports Complex--Saurabh Mittal, Cofounder of the Indiabulls group and Founder and Chairman...

Graduate Study Decisions: MS vs PHD

There have been a lot of questions asked on whether one should pursue an MS, and whether it was worth doing it over a Ph.D., as many feel that

Internship series – Computer Science core

The 3rd year internships are probably the most important one a student will do over the course of their degree. Providing students with important industry skills, research experience in their fields, contacts in companies and institutes; hence, these internships are a very integral part of one’s career.