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Production and Industrial Engineering Core Internships

About the internship Aditya Jain, 3rd year Production Engineering was doing a research internship under the Global AAR program for two months in Shibata Lab,...

Ishana Shekhawat | A Start up in Penn Uni, USA

Ishana Shekhawat, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate of the 2015 batch, is a budding entrepreneur and Penn State Mechanical Engineering graduate student. She was the...

Electrical: Power and Automation Core Internships

We all come across the courses that are a part of our course structure. What is it then, that doesn’t make Joe a dull boy? What is it that our courses in college somehow fail to properly teach us?

Electrical Engineering Internship

Internship at Qualcomm, Sunny Bhagia

Biotech Internships

Despite the dominance of subjects like mathematics, physics, and computer science in the field of engineering, the biochemical and biotechnology sector has witnessed some drastic advances. However, there is no denying that a major part of the field is still unexplored and there is a lot of untapped potential, especially in a country like ours. It has been commonly observed that due to lack of exposure and awareness regarding available opportunities, most of the students take detours and end up in a completely different work environment which in the first place, they never opted for. Core Internships, thus play a crucial role as they enable students to stay well versed with the recent developments in the field. Since it is a field with large interdisciplinary relations, there is a wide range of subfields in which students can take up industrial projects or conduct research.

Internship Series: Chemical Core

One of the most impactful in the list of things that the employer would look for when you sit in an Interview are the internships and projects that you have done. Thus, it becomes very important that one chooses what he/she does in their breaks very wisely. Some people tend to follow the strategy of doing something different every year such that at the point of graduation and placements they know exactly know what they want to take up as a career. One of the options is an internship and this article talks in detail about the very same in  ITC’s summer internship programme. This article has been made with the help of the information provided by Apurv Kaushal who is currently doing a summer intern in ITC’s FMCG sector.

MnC Internships



The Mathematics and Computing program aims at training the students to handle problems in industry and research laboratories through combined use of mathematical and computational techniques. The emphasis is on training them in various aspects of theoretical computer science, computational techniques, mathematical modeling, simulation, probabilistic and statistical tools.

Internship Series – Engineering Physics Core

There are not many companies on offer when it comes to internships for engineering physics students. However, the vast opportunities in research in several renowned universities, more often than not, make up for that deficit. Here we present to you an insight into the hugely in-demand scholarships programs of Caltech and how an engineering physics student can make the best use of this internship opportunity.


Credits – Dhruva Ganapathy

Internship series – Computer Science core

The 3rd year internships are probably the most important one a student will do over the course of their degree. Providing students with important industry skills, research experience in their fields, contacts in companies and institutes; hence, these internships are a very integral part of one’s career.

Pulkit Garg | UPSC AIR 27

Pulkit Garg, a Civil Engineering Graduate of the 2014 batch, cracked the Civil Services Examination with an All India Rank 27,in CSE 2015. And that too in his second attempt,at the age of 24.He has been allocated IAS, UP Cadre. The Board of Student Publications, IIT Delhi comes up with an exclusive narrative from the topper himself, taking you through his journey of preparation and stay at the campus.