Sunday, August 25, 2019

Tennis:Zanskar emerge as victors in a match of twists and surprises!

As the inter-hostel tennis get more and more competitive, Zanskar and Satpura clashed in a match that held everyone to their toes till the last point. The first game was a singles one and witnessed seniors from

Basketball:Jwala win in Basketball despite (silent) cheerers from Nil

It seemed that the cold weather had got the better of both the teams as the basketball match between Jwala and Nil in the evening remained slow for most of the game. Jwala scored first yet the team lacked the vigour that it had displayed yesterday against Kara.

Cricket: Kara thrashes Ara

Kara shatters Ara in a one sided affair.

One of the high profile encounters of the weekend was the Ara-Kara cricket match. Kara won the toss and had no hesitation in batting first on a sunny day.


The Nilgiri vs Jwala match was by far the most competitive volleyball match tonight. It was a real nail-biter and the balance of the match kept shifting like a pendulum throughout the match. But, Nilgiri had thelast laugh sealing the high profile encounter 23-25

Sports Weekend

In an initiative taken up by the Board for Sports Activities, IIT Delhi to help the students to complete their impending NSO hours and at the same time also offer a break from the grueling and monotonous fitness sessions endured by these students during the usual NSO hours, the BSA introduced NSO Weekend Sports Series.

TT Semifinal Girnar v Zanskar

By Divyanshu Aryan
Girnar booked their place in the finals with an easy 3-0 victory over Zanskar in the inter hostel table tennis semi finals.

Nilgiri tumbles as Zanskar lifts the Volleyball trophy!

The evening of 23rd Jan witnessed the most awaited match for volleyball enthusiasts as Zanskar and Nilgiri clashed in the finals of Volleyball for the winner’s title. A large crowd from both hostels had assembled to cheer and support their respective teams. The 3 set match began on a high note as players filled with zeal gave their best.

Tennis:A match no less than finals (literally!)

It was late evening of 4th Feb when history repeated itself as the finalists of last years interhostel tennis tournament – Shivalik and Udaigiri clashed. The first match was a singles between Ribhav (of Shiva) and Kritarth (of Udai).

Udaigiri swept away by Satpura

Squash – 28-01-2016 – Match 2

Udaigiri VS Satpura – Satpura wins

In what could be termed as a one-sided match between Satpura and Udaigiri,