Sunday, August 25, 2019

Girnar 2-0 Udaigiri: Dominant Girnar Outplay Udai


On a cold and windy night, Girnar were too hot for Udaigiri as they registered their first win of the
pool stage. Matchday 1 of the new semester had provided a couple of entertaining and high scoring
clashes, and a sizeable crowd from each hostel had assembled at the touchline. Girnar were clad in
their plain all-whites, whereas the Udai “Eagles” donned sky blue. Girnar showed the difference in
quality between the two sides right from kickoff, with a flurry of attacks with Udai just managed to
keep at bay. Aman misseda golden chance to put Girnar ahead in just the 3rd minute.

Satpura gets the better of Nilgiri (Cricket)

After having a dream run yesterday, defeating Aravali and Shivalik in consecutive matches and securing a quarter-final berth, Nilgiri’s luck finally ran out against Satpura. With this victory Satpura has qualified for the semis and has also booked a spot in the Group A for next year’s tournament.

Satpura vs Vindyachal : A battle between strength and speed

By Akash Panther

Match: singles.

Vindy: Saksham

Satpura: Dhruvin

It was a warm and quiet morning. The conditions seemed ideal for a good day of tennis. Saksham serves first but is facing the sun. He starts with a double fault. Definitely not the best way to begin a game. After that he serves a beauty down the T, an ace.

An easy win for Karakoram (Tennis)

The day saw Karakoram pitted against Satpura, which proved to be a comfortable win for Karakoram. Both teams composed of relatively inexperienced players as well as new recruits, seemed to be an equal match for each other.