Monday, October 23, 2017

Jwala Triumphs in a Tennis Thriller

By Rishabh Kumar

For Jwala to win the General Championship Trophy, all they needed to do was win the inter-hostel Tennis finals, and they did so on the last day of the inter-hostel sporting events.

Basketball: Shivalik’s thumping victory over Kumaon


Shivalik triumphs over Kumaon with a overwhelming difference in the final score (21-6).

Basketball:Girnar Make It 3 of 3.



In a highly anticipated match between two of the favourites to lift the basketball trophy Girnar mounted an amazing comeback and stamped their authority. Zanskar took the lead immediately after the start with Karan converting the first chance of the game. The first quarter was a display of some excellent finishing by the Zanskar team with Girnar missing a large number of chances.

Kumaon vs Karakoram hockey FINALS

By Shubham Singh Tanwar


The final night of Inter-hostel hockey tournament took place on sunday where a horde of people showed up to support for their favourite players and hostels. It was Kumaon versus Karakoram and with 5 or more than 5 inter-IIT players on both playing 11,

Basketball: Girnar knocks out Udaigiri

-Kshitij Choudhary

The first semi final was a total annihilation of Udaigiri by Girnar as the winners took the match by 55-17. The superior gameplay of Girnar was characterized by their swift passing and on-point shooting. The first quarter started with sluggishness from both sides, but Girnar soon upped the tempo, and scored freely to end the quarter with 14-3.

Is Inter IIT all about Sports?

Although, the name clearly mentions “Inter IIT Sports Meet”, but is it actually just the game that matters. Well no. Inter IIT is way more than just a tournament. While at the court, your opponent might be your enemy. You sweat it all out, in order to bring pride to your institute and yourself. That is what a game is essentially for; To bring out the best in you, as a person and as a performer. But all of this is a mere subset of what the Inter IIT stands for. This ten day festival celebrates the coming together of some of the sharpest Indian minds, it celebrates friendship and it celebrates rivalry. When people from different places get to meet each other, have meals together, get to laugh at something embarrassing, that is when true friendship is built.

Tennis: Aravalli smash Girnar in straight games

It was a sunny morning as Adhyan of Aravali played against Kanav of Girnar in one of the first games of Inter-Hostel Tennis. The first set was quick to end as Adhyan sweeped it 6-0 as Kanav could barely stand the court

Zanskar vs Nilgiri – Tennis – 24th Jan: Nil no match for Zanskar

Sunday morning witnessed the second set of matches as part of the inter-hostel matches in tennis. This time it was Nilgiri vs Zanskar. The clash started with Abhay from Nil taking on Saurabh from Zanskar in the best of 3 sets singles match.

Udaigiri swept away by Satpura

Squash – 28-01-2016 – Match 2

Udaigiri VS Satpura – Satpura wins

In what could be termed as a one-sided match between Satpura and Udaigiri,

Satpura vs Vindyachal : A battle between strength and speed

By Akash Panther

Match: singles.

Vindy: Saksham

Satpura: Dhruvin

It was a warm and quiet morning. The conditions seemed ideal for a good day of tennis. Saksham serves first but is facing the sun. He starts with a double fault. Definitely not the best way to begin a game. After that he serves a beauty down the T, an ace.