Sunday, May 27, 2018

TT FINAL : Girnar The TT Masters

By Divysnashu Aryan

Girnar crushed Satpura in the inter hostel table tennis finals lifting the trophy. In an enthralling final final attended by a large number of supporters from both the sides Girnar put on a masterclass, winning 3-0.

Tennis:A match no less than finals (literally!)

It was late evening of 4th Feb when history repeated itself as the finalists of last years interhostel tennis tournament – Shivalik and Udaigiri clashed. The first match was a singles between Ribhav (of Shiva) and Kritarth (of Udai).

Vindy 1-1 Kumaon: Late Keeper Blunder costs kumaon vital points

A 55th minute howler by Kumaon keeper Manas, who couldn’t hold on to a cross in the box, gifted Vindhyachal a draw, leaving the opposition bamboozled and frustrated. Vindhyachal came into the match with confident with their defence

Shiva beats Satpura 3-0 in Hockey

By Alankar Meshram

In game number 13 of the inter hostel hockey tournament, Shiva emerged victorious with a 3-0 score against Satpura.

It was the 26th and the republic spirit was still in the blood and bones of the two teams as the


Satpura in yellow vests and vindy in red.The coach goes through all the basic sportsmanship qualities and asks teams to abide by them.teams huddle up,vindy starts off shooting away from the hospital side post.the ball stays around the central line.teams are well matched as of now

TT-Zanskar breeze past Vindy with ease

By Rishabh Kumar

Zanskar got the better of a relatively unbalanced vindy side in their table-tennis encounter . Vindy started very promisingly with Vijendra spearheading their attack. Vindy looked lively and agile in the first match and won the first match which went to the wire.

Cricket:Karakoram edges over Zanskar in even game

On a chilly winter morning, the inter hostel cricket tournament started with an even match between the houses Karakoram and Zanskar, with Karakoram winning by 11 runs. Karakoram went in for batting first, and with steady scoring, posted a total of 132 runs


Delhi Fixtures for March 4, 2016

Basketball: Karakoram tramples over Satpura

-Kshitij Choudhary

The second semifinal was essentially a one man show, where the one man army of Karakoram eased to a comfortable win by 40-14 over Satpura. The mixture of finesse, control and aggression shown by Rohan Mital, the star player of Karakoram was an insurmountable wave of scoring gameplay that Satpura could not counter.

Inter-Hostel Squash Finals – When a Mighty Tree Falls (2)

“ Arun! Arun! Arun! “ “Suraj! Suraj! Suraj! “

“Silence! Championship ball.”

Serve and smash and another shot and...

“Down! Point to Arun. Satpura wins!”