Monday, March 19, 2018

Bhatti Mines Project – “Tod Do Yeh Deewarein!”

NSS (National Service Scheme) IIT-Delhi, aided by the Delhi Police, has been involved in teaching a group of adult illiterate women since last year in the rural settlement of Bhatti Mines, Chhatarpur, on the outskirts of New Delhi.

NIT Srinagar Issue

Cricket is a religion in India.

This is what we say and believe in, although never thought it would be taken a tad too literally. Referring to the recent issue in NIT Srinagar, the loss of India in the semi-finals of the T20 world cup hit the country harder than predicted. The rift between India and Pakistan is highlighted in many matters across the country,but in a sensitive place like Kashmir, this is something inherent that takes place every day. Which is why this cricket match served as the initiation for something much bigger.

The Italian Conundrum and the way forward!

We all know that it takes months of hard work, determination for us to get an internship or a short study course abroad. Three...


By Devashish Kumar

She was vengeful. But against whom could she inflict her vengeance? The rich guy who raped her and ruined her life? The police for harassing her in the name of interrogation? Lawyers who tormented her and raped her all over again with the twenty questions? The inconsiderate jury who were bent on paying their children's school fees? The lab assistant for lying to the jury that she had absolutely no sign of being raped and she was making this up only because she got pregnant in the act? The parents and teachers of the evil vandal who made him that way? The media who were more interested in making it to the front page rather than sympathizing with her? The government for taking safety precautions so lightly? Neighbours who looked her down with contempt? Or herself for not being strong enough to protect herself. Whom could she blame?

Fest of Promises, Community of Rebellion

Fresh faced, young, and brimming with energy. A typical faccha, the quintessential nerd, comes into the hallowed grounds of IIT Delhi, willing, not only to learn, but also explore his own being, the being whose development may have been given secondary preference in the years leading up to the JEE.

From the Eyes of a Beholder… ‘The story of BloodConnect’

By Yatin Nihalani   

First things first. I am no experienced BloodConnect veteran who came up with the idea that eventually went on to save many lives and is now here to tell you his tale.

The case of racial discrimination – Is Delhi turning antagonistic?


Very recently, a Congolese teacher was beaten to death by a group of three men, after an argument while boarding an auto-rickshaw.

Bloodconnect: Saving lives since 2010..

The name needs no introduction. But a reminder never hurts, and especially for those of our readers who aren’t aware of this brainchild of former IIT Delhi students and the phenomenal work that it has been doing, pay close attention.