Sunday, August 25, 2019

Of Dirty Clothes and Lost Incomes

Last year, the Board for Student Publications had launched a series titled Humans of IITD, wherein we talked to people whose work on campus...

Zanskar vs Aravalli Cricket Match on 17th Jan:Ara wins in the ‘gentle’man’s game

It was Sunday morning when Zanskar and Aravalli faced each other in the gentlemen’s game. Aravalli won the toss and chose to bat first. Ara had a head start in the T20 match as they scored close to 40 runs in 6 overs. Kumar Sahaj spearheaded the wagon as Ara scored 19 runs in one of the overs in powerplay!

Kumaon vs Karakoram hockey FINALS

By Shubham Singh Tanwar


The final night of Inter-hostel hockey tournament took place on sunday where a horde of people showed up to support for their favourite players and hostels. It was Kumaon versus Karakoram and with 5 or more than 5 inter-IIT players on both playing 11,

BRCA Orientation 2015

A full audience packed Dogra Hall was scanned this Thursday evening on the event of “BRCA Orientation”.


By Devashish Kumar

She was vengeful. But against whom could she inflict her vengeance? The rich guy who raped her and ruined her life? The police for harassing her in the name of interrogation? Lawyers who tormented her and raped her all over again with the twenty questions? The inconsiderate jury who were bent on paying their children's school fees? The lab assistant for lying to the jury that she had absolutely no sign of being raped and she was making this up only because she got pregnant in the act? The parents and teachers of the evil vandal who made him that way? The media who were more interested in making it to the front page rather than sympathizing with her? The government for taking safety precautions so lightly? Neighbours who looked her down with contempt? Or herself for not being strong enough to protect herself. Whom could she blame?

Inter Hostel Street Play, 2015

The noon of 20th September was filled with energy and enthusiasm as the voices of students competing in the Inter-Hostel street play competition echoed the SAC Lawns.

Aravali 0-1 Shivalik: Heartbreak For Ara As Aditya Grabs Last Minute Winner

Aravali suffered another heartbreak, and rued their missed chances, after Aditya scored a last gasp winner to take Shivalik to the top of their pool standings. It was a crucial match for Aravali, who needed atleast a draw to keep their hopes of reaching the semifinals, however they were aware of the threat which Shiva’s star striker Ankit a.k.a “Shakuni” possessed.


The DATUM's first exposition session was held on 28th October at LHC in a fairly well attended gathering of students and amid great curiosity and excitement about the group and its intellectually appetizing fare. The session started out with a brief hitchhike into the world of huge and unorganized data that we live in and how by using the humble tools we have of constructing some useful information out of the heap, we can get fantastic insights.

The aim of the group quite simply and crisply put, is to motivate students to develop an intuition of data analytics while solving real world problems, compute and imagine data assessment profitably while solving problems. To break it down, they want you to have the exposure and opportunity to savour the delights of data analytics and possibly fall in love with this brilliant area. The session was inviting in its simplicity. The way so many charming observations and conclusions could be easily whipped up using the so many online tools we have now of accessing and analyzing web data, viz. Google N grams or Google Trends, was appealing. Did you know of the remarkable correlation between appearances of the words 'America' and 'war' in the collection of online books with Google? (Kind of telling?!) Or perhaps, the nearly annual rhythmic spikes in the number of searches for the song 'Wake me up when September ends' over time corresponding to, and you guessed it right, the month September? It is fascinating that there are such patterns in the sea of data online waiting to be mined and perhaps put to some great purpose. This is one of the fundamental aims of the club: to stimulate active interest of the students in the club and help them develop a knack for analytics.

Open House Inaugral

The Open House of IITD, the single biggest day to exhibit an extensive collection of innovative research and product development projects held annually on its premises, kicked off with an inaugural lecture to inspire hundreds of students thronging to get a feel of the scientific temperament of this wonderful institution.

JAM – Just a Minute

Literary club of IIT Delhi conducted its much awaited event of this semester on 17th April, Just a Minute (JAM). JAM involves multiple speakers attempting to speak for as long as possible in Queen’s English.