Monday, January 20, 2020

BRCA is Comp Again!

A couple of years back, BRCA was turned into a non-competitive board on a trial basis on account of the rigging involved in some of the events. This led to massive disappointment among the people who loved the spirit of competition. But we were recently given good news when the BRCA general body decided to make the board's events competitive again.

Basketball:Jwala win in Basketball despite (silent) cheerers from Nil

It seemed that the cold weather had got the better of both the teams as the basketball match between Jwala and Nil in the evening remained slow for most of the game. Jwala scored first yet the team lacked the vigour that it had displayed yesterday against Kara.

Applied Mechanics – Open House 2016

The open house organized this weekend by IIT Delhi stood apart, but the fashion in which the Department of Applied Mechanics stood out was nothing short of a spectacle. As I walked towards Block IV, the airship stole my attention, and boy was I happy to be reporting for the department.

Jwalamukhi vs Girnar Badminton : 2-1

By Aman Rai

There were three matches in total, the first and third being singles. The first singles was taken by Girnar's Akash Yadav against Jwala's Sandeep Yadav, the score was 2-0. The first set (21-14) was nearly a one sided finish by Akash. Sandeep fought hard in the second set (21-19) but in vain. 
The Girnar supporters looked happy after a great head start.

Nilgiri tumbles as Zanskar lifts the Volleyball trophy!

The evening of 23rd Jan witnessed the most awaited match for volleyball enthusiasts as Zanskar and Nilgiri clashed in the finals of Volleyball for the winner’s title. A large crowd from both hostels had assembled to cheer and support their respective teams. The 3 set match began on a high note as players filled with zeal gave their best.