Sunday, August 25, 2019

Talk on Public Policy

Consulting and Analytics Club, DMS IIT Delhi organised a talk on Public Policy by Dr.D. Dhanuraj, honorable chairman of Centre for Public Policy and Research (CPPR).

Satpura vs Vindyachal : A battle between strength and speed

By Akash Panther

Match: singles.

Vindy: Saksham

Satpura: Dhruvin

It was a warm and quiet morning. The conditions seemed ideal for a good day of tennis. Saksham serves first but is facing the sun. He starts with a double fault. Definitely not the best way to begin a game. After that he serves a beauty down the T, an ace.

An easy win for Karakoram (Tennis)

The day saw Karakoram pitted against Satpura, which proved to be a comfortable win for Karakoram. Both teams composed of relatively inexperienced players as well as new recruits, seemed to be an equal match for each other.

Open House Inaugral

The Open House of IITD, the single biggest day to exhibit an extensive collection of innovative research and product development projects held annually on its premises, kicked off with an inaugural lecture to inspire hundreds of students thronging to get a feel of the scientific temperament of this wonderful institution.

Ad Basics by Quizzing Club

Ad-Basics, the freshers orientation of the Quizzing Club, IIT Delhi was held on 13th August 2014 in the Seminar Hall.