Monday, September 24, 2018


‘IITD has a humanities department?’’Why do engineers need to study humanities ?’These were the questions doing the rounds on the 5th floor of...


IITD’s Chemistry department is housed on the 6th floor of the Multi-storey building or MS in short.It provides to courses for students of...

Open House Inaugral

The Open House of IITD, the single biggest day to exhibit an extensive collection of innovative research and product development projects held annually on its premises, kicked off with an inaugural lecture to inspire hundreds of students thronging to get a feel of the scientific temperament of this wonderful institution.

Computer Science

By Akshat Srivastava

Research Scholars’ Day

By Anmol Sood.

IIT Delhi celebrated its first ever Research Scholars’ Day on Friday, 11th April, 2014. To get a glimpse of some of the best research taking place in the institute, an oral presentation competition as well as a poster presentation competition were organised for research scholars.

Boeing-IIT National Aeromodelling Competition

By Ishani Jain.

Launched with the mission to provide a unified national platform for students interested in aerospace and related engineering disciplines and to demonstrate their aeromodelling expertise, the Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition provided a refreshing, roller coaster ride akin spectacle at Nalanda grounds on 12th April,2014.

Yahoo! HackU

By Ankit Singh

Yahoo! HackU, the hacking festival organized by ACM IITD was officially unveiled on the 8th of August in the Seminar Hall. The keynote address saw a heavy footfall with 300+ registration.