Monday, January 20, 2020

Mechanical Department Open House – 2016

Amongst all the innovative ideas that left the spectators awestruck, the Mechanical Department of IIT Delhi had much to offer. All of these ideas were put forward by means of prototypes, posters and detailed descriptions given by none other than the experimentalists who had come up with them.

Physics Department Open House – 2016

The OPEN HOUSE 2016 was certainly a marvellous event, and the Physics department was definitely a centre of attraction throughout the event.

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With uber cool and mind-boggling stuff like 3-D holograms, 3-D printers and VRD (virtual reality display) on show, it really caught the attention and admiring eyes of a lot of the school students as well as teachers.

Computer Science Open House – 2016

23 April, 20016: Technological avant-garde was at display in the exhibits of the Computer Science Department in the Bharti and SIT Buildings for the Open House ’16. A plethora of inquisitive students got to see a wide spectrum of technology put at its best use.

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Biochemical engineering: Magnetic stirrer with temperature control and centrifuge

The projects displayed by the biochemical engineering department gained a lot of appreciation from the audience primarily because of their commercial viability. The centrifuge could be used to easily separate fats and vitamins from other particles in a mixture of vinegar and milk because of their high molecular weights.

Chemical: Electrodialysis

The Undergraduate Chemical engineering project proved to be a great attraction for the crowd at the Open House 2016, IIT Delhi. The target audience were high school students from several schools across Delhi. The Electrodialysis project was something that students could easily relate to and hence gained a lot of appreciation from the onlookers. A very basic and simplified version of the actual project had been displayed.

The Polymer Extravaganza

Open house ,the day when IITD celebrates innovation and technology, saw the premises of IIT Delhi flooded with young minds gung ho to know more about science and technology. The Centre for Polymer Science and Engineering (CPSE) mainly emphasised on plastics along with applications of polymers . The first stall showcased flame retarding plastics which are made by adding non-halogentaed FR additives to flammable plastics.

Allaying Moore’s fears and more with CARE

The Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE) put on display a wide range of projects and posters on technologies involving multifarious applications of electronics—from the fabrication of miniature circuits to the conservation of endangered species— on the occasion of the IIT Delhi Open House 2016.

A Talk on Optimising Language Learning using Data Analytics

It was an exciting evening filled with humour, wit and wonder as students and professors listened to Luis von Ahn, the creator of duolingo – a free language learning platform (now has an app too) that has over 110 million users worldwide ranging from the poor in developing countries to Bill Gates (yes you read that right!).

Session on Design and Practical Experience

An interactive session, discussing new Design/Practical Experience (DPE) component was organised by Technology Innovation Club (TIC), where in Prof. P.V.M. Rao and Prof. M.R. Ravi were invited to address a diverse mix of students from various years and different departments. Session was initiated by Shreyansh, Director of TIC, he gave a context to discussion by pressing on relevance of design component in courses.


The DATUM's first exposition session was held on 28th October at LHC in a fairly well attended gathering of students and amid great curiosity and excitement about the group and its intellectually appetizing fare. The session started out with a brief hitchhike into the world of huge and unorganized data that we live in and how by using the humble tools we have of constructing some useful information out of the heap, we can get fantastic insights.

The aim of the group quite simply and crisply put, is to motivate students to develop an intuition of data analytics while solving real world problems, compute and imagine data assessment profitably while solving problems. To break it down, they want you to have the exposure and opportunity to savour the delights of data analytics and possibly fall in love with this brilliant area. The session was inviting in its simplicity. The way so many charming observations and conclusions could be easily whipped up using the so many online tools we have now of accessing and analyzing web data, viz. Google N grams or Google Trends, was appealing. Did you know of the remarkable correlation between appearances of the words 'America' and 'war' in the collection of online books with Google? (Kind of telling?!) Or perhaps, the nearly annual rhythmic spikes in the number of searches for the song 'Wake me up when September ends' over time corresponding to, and you guessed it right, the month September? It is fascinating that there are such patterns in the sea of data online waiting to be mined and perhaps put to some great purpose. This is one of the fundamental aims of the club: to stimulate active interest of the students in the club and help them develop a knack for analytics.