Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Polymer Extravaganza

Open house ,the day when IITD celebrates innovation and technology, saw the premises of IIT Delhi flooded with young minds gung ho to know more about science and technology. The Centre for Polymer Science and Engineering (CPSE) mainly emphasised on plastics along with applications of polymers . The first stall showcased flame retarding plastics which are made by adding non-halogentaed FR additives to flammable plastics.


    The department did a splendid job of catching the attention of people through their presentations. The Optics related projects demonstrated the...

Session on Design and Practical Experience

An interactive session, discussing new Design/Practical Experience (DPE) component was organised by Technology Innovation Club (TIC), where in Prof. P.V.M. Rao and Prof. M.R. Ravi were invited to address a diverse mix of students from various years and different departments. Session was initiated by Shreyansh, Director of TIC, he gave a context to discussion by pressing on relevance of design component in courses.

Jobs Incoming: TnP Orientation For Final Year Students

After the first semester of 2016-17 has begun, we have met the freshmen, already have started missing the graduated batch, and furthermore, we have already seen the course load and started agonising it.

Open House Inaugral

The Open House of IITD, the single biggest day to exhibit an extensive collection of innovative research and product development projects held annually on its premises, kicked off with an inaugural lecture to inspire hundreds of students thronging to get a feel of the scientific temperament of this wonderful institution.

Textile Department – Open House 2016

Open House 2016 was a showcase of a flurry of innovative ideas put forward by the various departments of IIT Delhi. The textile department also came up with a couple of such ideas, one of them being “Bullet and Stab resistant fabrics”. As the name suggests, this fabric could act as a shield for our body and hence, find significant applications in the field of defense.

Open House Exhibits

     ROBOTICS:1) Robocon Model was displayed.2) Parent robot and child robot were displayed along with some other basic line guidance robots.3) Parent...

A Talk on Optimising Language Learning using Data Analytics

It was an exciting evening filled with humour, wit and wonder as students and professors listened to Luis von Ahn, the creator of duolingo – a free language learning platform (now has an app too) that has over 110 million users worldwide ranging from the poor in developing countries to Bill Gates (yes you read that right!).

Mechanical Department Open House – 2016

Amongst all the innovative ideas that left the spectators awestruck, the Mechanical Department of IIT Delhi had much to offer. All of these ideas were put forward by means of prototypes, posters and detailed descriptions given by none other than the experimentalists who had come up with them.

Economics Club’s Discussion

 Economics Club held their second Tuesday night discussion on 20th Jan., on the topic "The Slippery Slope"