Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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FITT Organises a workshop for innovation in Biotechnology and healthcare sector

Open House Exhibits

     ROBOTICS:1) Robocon Model was displayed.2) Parent robot and child robot were displayed along with some other basic line guidance robots.3) Parent...

A technical extravaganza to remember

Tryst'17 promised to be much bigger and better than ever before. And this 4 day long techno-cultural extravaganza surely lived up to it’s expectations. The repetitive patterns that adorned the institute area were symbolic of this year's theme "Decoding the Pattern".

Director’s Interaction

The Director of IIT Delhi, along with the various Deans held the first session of interactions with the student community this Monday.  He explained how IITD lacked a mechanism where the students could directly approach the administration regarding their problem, and the lack of communication between the deans and the students.

Applied Mechanics – Open House 2016

The open house organized this weekend by IIT Delhi stood apart, but the fashion in which the Department of Applied Mechanics stood out was nothing short of a spectacle. As I walked towards Block IV, the airship stole my attention, and boy was I happy to be reporting for the department.

Boeing-IIT National Aeromodelling Competition

By Ishani Jain.

Launched with the mission to provide a unified national platform for students interested in aerospace and related engineering disciplines and to demonstrate their aeromodelling expertise, the Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition provided a refreshing, roller coaster ride akin spectacle at Nalanda grounds on 12th April,2014.

Biochemical engineering: Magnetic stirrer with temperature control and centrifuge

The projects displayed by the biochemical engineering department gained a lot of appreciation from the audience primarily because of their commercial viability. The centrifuge could be used to easily separate fats and vitamins from other particles in a mixture of vinegar and milk because of their high molecular weights.

Jobs Incoming: TnP Orientation For Final Year Students

After the first semester of 2016-17 has begun, we have met the freshmen, already have started missing the graduated batch, and furthermore, we have already seen the course load and started agonising it.

Physics Department Open House – 2016

The OPEN HOUSE 2016 was certainly a marvellous event, and the Physics department was definitely a centre of attraction throughout the event.

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With uber cool and mind-boggling stuff like 3-D holograms, 3-D printers and VRD (virtual reality display) on show, it really caught the attention and admiring eyes of a lot of the school students as well as teachers.