Saturday, May 25, 2019

British Parliamentary Debate

Debating Club, IIT Delhi organised the finals of Inter hostel British Parliamentary Debate on 13th August in the Jwalamukhi Common Room.

Split Painting Competition

The Fine Arts and Crafts Club staged its competitive event “Split Painting” on Wednesday the 16th. With participation capped at 39 teams, an enthusiastic turn up by 35 teams was encouraging and is strongly indicative of the passionate interest in the fine arts harbored by the students.

Friday Night by Music Club

The Music club, IIT Delhi, presented its very first informal live event, Friday Nights on Friday, 26th September in SAC Lawns.

Dhwani – Celebrating the Music of India

Music club, under the reformed BRCA structure, enthralled the audiences at Dogra Hall in its first inter-hostel event of the year, Dhwani, on the 4th of August. Aravali bagged the top honours, winning the event, and taking away 4 out of 5 individual honours.

Lorem Ipsum by Quizzing Club

The Quizzing Club, IIT Delhi held its first competitive event, Lorem Ipsum, on the 1st of September(Monday) in the Seminar Hall.

Independence Day Celebrations

 IIT Delhi celebrated 67 years of Indian independence on 15th August 2014.

JAM – Just a Minute

Literary club of IIT Delhi conducted its much awaited event of this semester on 17th April, Just a Minute (JAM). JAM involves multiple speakers attempting to speak for as long as possible in Queen’s English.

The thrill you ought to not have missed! #GD’16

“Tonight I am not takin’ no calls for I’ll be dancing!” Such was the enthusiasm associated with Inter Hostel Group Dance Competition that it took dancers whole over the institute offline for those 5 exuberating hours

Independence Day, 2016

On 15th August 2016, celebrations of India's 69th Independence Day resonated in the campus of IIT Delhi.

The customary freedom run kick-started the jubilations, witnessing enthusiastic participation.

Jukebox-Western Music Competition

Jukebox, the competitive event of the Music Club as a part of the RCA week was organised in the Seminar Hall on 2nd February, 2015.