Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A Mass Exodus

1st January 2016. The first day of the semester begins with fresh energy and the classes are brimming with energy. Students are full. There is excitement among the students for the new courses. There are promises (like the ones made previous semester but which never get fulfilled) of being sincere and regular this time. Fast forward 3 months to the last date of withdrawal. By this time the classes are half empty. The enthusiasm to learn has turned into a battle to save grades for many. The withdrawal period witnesses some quite interesting stories to talk about.

Football: Jwala demolishes Karakoram

A one sided contest ensued on a windy and cold Friday evening, where Jwalamukhi house beat Karakoram 4-0. The winning team kept the pressure 

on, throughout the game, mainly through their excellent attacking play.

BHM Night

The Annual BHM night was held on 12th March, with students coming in large numbers to see the stalls of every hostel and witness the cultural performances being conducted.

Badminton: Zanskar vs Kumaon

The match as a whole wasn't challenging at all for for Zanskar as they thrashed Kumaon and stayed undefeated till the end. The first singles match was played between Amit (Zanskar) and Neeraj (Kumaon). The first set was a really tough one for

Gearing Up For College

By Shreya Rajpal,

Welcome, to the most important four years of your life. For most of you, your college years are going to shape your personality and show you shades of yourself you didn’t know existed. So buckle up your seatbelts, because the roller coaster has just begun!

Computer Science

By Akshat Srivastava

Cricket: Kara Beat Zanskar in a Nail Biter

The second semi-final encounter between KARA and ZANSKAR  went down to the wire . Kara was oozing with confidence after topping the group A while Zanskar was also on a high coming in the match after a bossy victory over Udaigiri.

Udaigiri swept away by Satpura

Squash – 28-01-2016 – Match 2

Udaigiri VS Satpura – Satpura wins

In what could be termed as a one-sided match between Satpura and Udaigiri,

Session on Design and Practical Experience

An interactive session, discussing new Design/Practical Experience (DPE) component was organised by Technology Innovation Club (TIC), where in Prof. P.V.M. Rao and Prof. M.R. Ravi were invited to address a diverse mix of students from various years and different departments. Session was initiated by Shreyansh, Director of TIC, he gave a context to discussion by pressing on relevance of design component in courses.

Basketball:Girnar Make It 3 of 3.



In a highly anticipated match between two of the favourites to lift the basketball trophy Girnar mounted an amazing comeback and stamped their authority. Zanskar took the lead immediately after the start with Karan converting the first chance of the game. The first quarter was a display of some excellent finishing by the Zanskar team with Girnar missing a large number of chances.