Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Senior Survey


It’s that time of the year again when we say our goodbyes, a lot of them indeed. Some to our batch-mates who would be graduating and even more to our beloved seniors. BSP took a survey of the graduating class of 2017 to find out, for perhaps the last time before they’re out into the world, how they reflect upon their last four to five years of their lives spent at IITD. The questions ranged from academics to extra-curricular activities, from relationship statuses to porn viewership, from food preferences to many more exciting indulgences. Read on to find out more about what the one that leaves has to say!

Calvin n Hobbes Discussion

The Literary Club, on 22nd September, organised a readers’ discussion on the very popular “Calvin and Hobbes” Comic strips which have gripped readers’ imagination for over 30 years now.

Director’s Open Meet for first and second year students

The meeting of freshers with the director and the deans was organized in Dogra Hall to address their problems and take suggestions from them regarding the system at IIT.

Satpura vs Vindhyachal

Basketball match

In yet another one sided match in inter-hostel basketball tournament, Satpura team annihilated Vindhyachal. It would be right to say that on ground the Vindhyachal team was much more humiliated on field than its score of 06 points against 31 on paper, would embarrass them.

NSS Orientation for First Year Students

By Deepali Jain

NSS orientation was organized with a motive to give the freshers an insight about the activities that come under NSS, NSO and NCC –helping them choose one amongst them, this time before mid-September.


The DATUM's first exposition session was held on 28th October at LHC in a fairly well attended gathering of students and amid great curiosity and excitement about the group and its intellectually appetizing fare. The session started out with a brief hitchhike into the world of huge and unorganized data that we live in and how by using the humble tools we have of constructing some useful information out of the heap, we can get fantastic insights.

The aim of the group quite simply and crisply put, is to motivate students to develop an intuition of data analytics while solving real world problems, compute and imagine data assessment profitably while solving problems. To break it down, they want you to have the exposure and opportunity to savour the delights of data analytics and possibly fall in love with this brilliant area. The session was inviting in its simplicity. The way so many charming observations and conclusions could be easily whipped up using the so many online tools we have now of accessing and analyzing web data, viz. Google N grams or Google Trends, was appealing. Did you know of the remarkable correlation between appearances of the words 'America' and 'war' in the collection of online books with Google? (Kind of telling?!) Or perhaps, the nearly annual rhythmic spikes in the number of searches for the song 'Wake me up when September ends' over time corresponding to, and you guessed it right, the month September? It is fascinating that there are such patterns in the sea of data online waiting to be mined and perhaps put to some great purpose. This is one of the fundamental aims of the club: to stimulate active interest of the students in the club and help them develop a knack for analytics.

Talk on Public Policy

Consulting and Analytics Club, DMS IIT Delhi organised a talk on Public Policy by Dr.D. Dhanuraj, honorable chairman of Centre for Public Policy and Research (CPPR).

AXLR8R Formula Racing Car Launch

Axlr8r Formula Racing, the Formula Student chapter of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi officially launched their 5th car- XLR14 in the seminar hall.

Cricket: Satpura Stun Jwala in a High Scoring Affair

The first semi-final of the inter-hostel cricket match was played between jwala and satpura. In a match where anybody would have put his money on Jwala , Satpura defied all odds and beat Jwala in a high scoring encounter.

Convocation 2017

The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi held its 48th annual convocation for the class of 2016-17, which was presided by the Chief guest, Hon’ble...