Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kumaon 1 – 0 Shivalik: Tigers Finish Third With A Penalty

By Mihik Agrawal

Kumaon concluded their season with a win over Shivalik in an entertaining third-place decider. Although the match was not well attended, it was an important one for both teams to add vital points to their GC tally. Kumaon were determined to put on a good performance

El Último Partido

By Ishan Tyagi

El Último Partido or ‘The Last Match’ was organised on 27th April by the IIT Delhi footballing community at the institute field between the ‘Outgoing’ team led by previous captain Prateek Kulhari and the ‘Rest’ team led by the current captain Shivank Rawat in the manner of a farewell match for all the passing out seniors as a tribute to their immense contribution to the entire footballing culture at IIT Delhi.

The Italian Conundrum and the way forward!

We all know that it takes months of hard work, determination for us to get an internship or a short study course abroad. Three...

End Sem Extravaganza – All Boards Night

To mark the culmination of the tireless efforts put by the different boards in general and clubs in particular, the All Boards Night was organized at the Hockey Ground on Friday. It is a celebration of the events of the gone by academic year and recognition of those who have excelled in their respective fields. The night was graced by the presence of the Director, deans and the presidents of the various boards. Since the majors are round the corner, there was not a very large attendance from the students’ side. Though many joined in as the event progressed, it was by and large a quiet crowd.

The fresher’s awards were the first to be presented. These were the Best Fresher awards of each club of the BRCA and a few among the BSA received the colors for each sport. The awards for best hostel representatives and best hostel in each club followed. Since the director had not joined in, a refreshment break of 20 minutes was announced.

Director’s Open Meet for first and second year students

The meeting of freshers with the director and the deans was organized in Dogra Hall to address their problems and take suggestions from them regarding the system at IIT.

A technical extravaganza to remember

Tryst'17 promised to be much bigger and better than ever before. And this 4 day long techno-cultural extravaganza surely lived up to it’s expectations. The repetitive patterns that adorned the institute area were symbolic of this year's theme "Decoding the Pattern".


The evening of Saturday, 7th November provided a huge respite to students of IIT Delhi, after Saturday was converted into a working day by the officials as they flocked to Dogra Hall to listen to exhilarating performances by various hostels to earn some prestigious points for the BRCA General Championship with Music Club’s event Jukebox.

Inter-Hostel Football Final Jwalamukhi 2 – 1 Satpura: Jwala Retain Trophy In Style

By Mihik Agrawal

It was set to be a David versus Goliath contest. Jwalamukhi, the defending champions and perennial title favourites, up against Satpura, a team who had defied all odds to make it here, akin to Leicester City in the Premier League,

Technology and Innovation Club

The Institute has take a number of steps to inculcate innovation into the students. With the change in curriculum and the inclusion of design courses and credits, the administration has clearly expressed its desire for students taking up more innovative activities.