Monday, January 20, 2020

The Silent Shout

Drowning with the rain of tears,
Carrying within the pain of fears;
But rather than giving up, I’ll give another try.
There’ll be a day when my tears will dry.
And with this silent shout,
I’ll find my way from inside out.

Dreaming the dreams again that I carried in childhood,
Hoping to make a peace with brotherhood.
I’ll look forward to see the end of the sea,
O Lord! Please bless me with the mercy of thee.
And with this silent shout,
I’ll find my way from inside out.

Feeling the depth of that sad happiness,
Realizing now that I too was born as a unique princess;
I take a deep breath and a big sigh,
I’ll make sure that I’m gonna fly high.
And with this silent shout,
I’ll find my way from inside out.

– Written by Anant Preet

The Irony of My Life

By Anant Preet. 

I have no wings, But I still can fly,

My life is full of brutal truth and lie.

I have no light, But I still can shine,

My life is bitter- sweet like a sip of wine.

I have deep pain, But I still won’t cry,

My eyes are wet and sometimes dry.

I have no reason, But I still can smile,

My story goes on like the river Nile.

I have some friends, Both real and fake,

But the bond endures without any break.

I have a little anger, But I’m not cruel,

All the good and bad are in endless duel.

I have lost the game, But I still won heart,

My life is complicated like a piece of great art.

I have no foe, But friends with knife,

That’s why it turned to be The Irony of My Life!

छाया और धूप

– यश जैन  

कलयुग का है यह एक रूप

कही है छाया कही है धूप।

एक तरफ है सुकून भरी छाया

दूसरी ओर है धूप की माया।



छाया की शीतलता से अनजान

कई मान बैठे धूप को महान।

थाम लिया धूप का दामन

सोचा होगा रोशनी का आगमन।


किरणों को मान अपना हथियार

चल पड़े कुछ चालाक सियार।

मायाजाल ने कर दिया भ्रमित

आँखे चौंधियाई और भूले परहित।


छाया ने अनेक बार समझाया

पर आँखों पर पर्दा था छाया।

नहीं दिखा उन्हें अन्याय

धूप का साथ छोड़, कैसे आए ?


नहीं हो सकता कभी मिलन

मान चूका था अब हर मन।

दिन चढ़ा, बढ़ने लगी रोशनी खुद

खोने लगा छाया का वजूद।


दोपहर में साथ छोड़ देता है साया

लेकिन ये तो है छाया की माया।

जैसे ढलेगा दिन और होगी रात

तब उसे दिखेगी असली औकात।


बढ़ेगा छाया का वर्चस्व चारों ओर

धूप न देख पाएगी अगला भोर।

फिर सतयुग के हम देखेंगे रूप


रहेगी छाया, न होगी धूप।



By Devashish Kumar

Let me tell you something.

Something which may seem

Difficult to digest

Or counter-intuitive.

Your enemies are your best friends.

You must be wondering

What the hell?

But seriously your enemies are your best friends.

No one helps you more than your enemies.

They think of you better than anyone.

By being on lookout for

Your slips and weaknesses,

They always keep you focused-

Always at your toes.

They help your realize your true potential.

They bring out the best of you.

They never let you dawdle.

They never deceive you

Or blandish you.

They reveal your loyalties.

Above all

Nothing beats the pleasure of

Beating your enemies.

Don’t all these make them your best friends?

Samvedansheel Mann

देख-देख हरण-चीरहरण,
धिक् दुर्जन, कर्त्तव्य धिक्कारता,
सुनता है रुदन, भावाभिव्यक्ति जटिल,
सुन मानव, कोई मदद को पुकारता,
एक कोरा कागज,
पड़ी थी जिन पर,
चार पानी की बूँदें,
सजल-नयन-युग्म के मोती थे वो,
स्वेद भी टपक रहा,
नखों के निशान है,
कौन इंसान, कौन हैवान है??
नारी-चरित्र हैरान है,
अथक-कम्पित हाथों ने जिन्हें पाला,
जब उनका विष-दंश पीठ लगा,
सूखा नमकीन झरना बहाया मन ने,
चीख-चीखकर खामोश रुदन हुआ,
अवहेलना है डर कैसा,
तवे पर पानी के छमछम जैसा,
संवेदनशील मन रचता, रचना कमाल,
बगल में आग लगी, ज़रा होश संभाल,
रूह की रूहानी भाषा,
सुनने वाले बहरों का तमाशा,
द्वेष ही क्लेश है,
दर्प-शून्य महेश है,
अभिमान की लपट जली,
विध्वंस ही लंकेश है,
हाँ नारी!! तुम देवी हो,
सबकी कल्पना से भिन्न,
तकदीर बदलती, हर पीर सहती,
मैं तुम्हें थोडासा समझता,
तुम अनन्त सी बहती,
हाँ नारी!! तुम देवी हो,
देख-देख हरण-चीरहरण,
धिक् दुर्जन, कर्त्तव्य धिक्कारता……..



If it’s wrong,
You tell me it is right,
If something’s gone,
You say it likes to hide,

If the world changes,
You tell me it’s still the same,
If there are no survivors,
You say war is to blame,

If someone dies,
You ask their lovers not to cry,
If a flower stops to bloom,
You say it’s because it is wry.

Even as I walk on burning ashes,
I console myself in a sly……..
because if hell weren’t to exist,
Then heaven too must be a lie.


By Sumakesh Mishra

The Lost Spring

By Devashish Kumar

Fulfilling my father’s dreams,
I forgot to dream.

Wanting to be the first in everything,
I forgot to enjoy.

Building a house,
I forgot to make a home.

Reading about love,
I forgot how to love.

Meeting new people,
I forgot to make friends.

Wanting too much,
I forgot to offer.

Running to beat time,
I forgot to stay.

Waiting for her,
I forgot to live.

That Dragon, Karkinos

By Dhananjay Gupta

A tough carapace, a crab
a staring gaze, a dagger jab.
That dragon, Karkinos sat there,
silent in her dragon’s lair.

The earth rumbled as Karkinos slept
Above in hearth, a village wept.
For Karkinos was an ancient foe,
the seeds of dread, her presence sow.

Yet Karkinos still was weak,
more vigour did she grimly seek.
Birthed she a million eggs,
and fed them on the village’s dregs.

These younglings would eventually
with their perfect mimicry
of their mother, Karkinos
wreak death, destruction, and chaos.

The village above, had one wise man.
“To fight and kill her, yes we can.
The creature’s mortal, do not fear
prevail we shall, if we cohere.”

With sticks and stones they reached her cave,
men and boys; hardy, brave.
But Karkinos had other plans,
unbeknownst to every man.

One million deadly sons let loose,
the villagers’ nape, a tightened noose.
These faithful Karkinosii lay waste,
to a land that once was chaste.

The battle was a little short,
bravely though the village fought.
For sticks and stones may break her bones,
but there is no way to slay her clones.

Twenty leagues now to the west,
another village lies in rest.
There is another dragon’s lair,
another home to Karkinos’ heirs.