Monday, January 20, 2020

Alum Album 1: Vikram Gupta, Founder, Ivy Capital

"है रास्ता तुझको पता, अब ढूंढ ले मंज़िल के निशान......" These catalytical lines belong to none other but our very own IIT Delhi Endowment Fund...

Alum Album 4: Rajat Mangla, Carlyle Group

Believing in grabbing every opportunity that life offers, and making the most out of every second, Rajat Mangla graduated from IITD in 2012. After...


-विनय प्रकाश शर्मा

“केशववव”-जब दादाजी ने आवाज़ दी तो केशव फूला ना समाया| दौड़कर बरामदे को पार किया, नन्हे पैरो से चबूतरे को लांघकर इठलाता हुआ केशव रसोई के आस-पास के माहौल का विश्लेषण करने लगा| फिर शांतिपूर्वक वह रसोई में घुस गया जो उसने दादाजी की कहानियों से सीखा था|

The Billboard Leasin’ Company

We was a small billboard leasin' company. However, if yeh was privileged enough to attend a high school, yeh could call us an advertisin'...


By Devashish Kumar

Beneath the Smile

By Priyanshi

I stood in front of that door. The door with that achingly familiar pine door knocker, with those random slivers of wood peeking from here and there, as if judging my presence. I felt like I was standing in front of a long lost friend, somebody deeply missed and longingly remembered every moment until this one.

That Dragon, Karkinos

By Dhananjay Gupta A tough carapace, a crab a staring gaze, a dagger jab. That dragon, Karkinos sat there, silent in her dragon's lair. The earth rumbled as Karkinos...

Samvedansheel Mann

देख-देख हरण-चीरहरण, धिक् दुर्जन, कर्त्तव्य धिक्कारता, सुनता है रुदन, भावाभिव्यक्ति जटिल, सुन मानव, कोई मदद को पुकारता, एक कोरा कागज, पड़ी थी जिन पर, चार पानी की बूँदें, सजल-नयन-युग्म के मोती...

The Lost Spring

By Devashish Kumar Fulfilling my father’s dreams, I forgot to dream. Wanting to be the first in everything, I forgot to enjoy. Building a house, I forgot to make a...

When the First Meme Hits the Soul

Bhai dassi maareg... Hospital Jaana Chahiye Tha Welcome to IIT!  Cause there is always a solution!  Let the games begin!  Let's Code :')  Every exams ever :P