Sunday, August 25, 2019

Every Picture Tells a Story

Picture by Priyank Gupta “The dance between darkness and light will always remain— the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be...

Samvedansheel Mann

देख-देख हरण-चीरहरण, धिक् दुर्जन, कर्त्तव्य धिक्कारता, सुनता है रुदन, भावाभिव्यक्ति जटिल, सुन मानव, कोई मदद को पुकारता, एक कोरा कागज, पड़ी थी जिन पर, चार पानी की बूँदें, सजल-नयन-युग्म के मोती...


Lies. If it's wrong, You tell me it is right, If something's gone, You say it likes to hide, If the world changes, You tell me it's still the same, If...

When the First Meme Hits the Soul

Bhai dassi maareg... Hospital Jaana Chahiye Tha Welcome to IIT!  Cause there is always a solution!  Let the games begin!  Let's Code :')  Every exams ever :P   

Interview of a Professor with a Student – S. C. Dutta Roy

S. C. Dutta Roy - Former Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering This Professor was a renowned scholar on the subject of Vibrations, and his name and...

The Visitor – Pratyush Pandey

He packs up his suitcase, and ties up his frayed shoelaces. With wearied yet sturdy hands, he polishes his shoes clean; he goes out the door,...

The pain and bliss of nostalgia

Spending your childhood in Mumbai has a charm of its own. Where people complained of traffic and rush, I was too young to understand any of it. For me, that was the only way of living.

Places changed, people changed, situations changed through my stay of nine years, but one thing which never changed for me were the monsoons of Mumbai. It is of the monsoons which I hold the fondest recollections.

The Lost Spring

By Devashish Kumar Fulfilling my father’s dreams, I forgot to dream. Wanting to be the first in everything, I forgot to enjoy. Building a house, I forgot to make a...


By Devashish Kumar