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Zanskar vs Nilgiri – Tennis – 24th Jan: Nil no match for Zanskar

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Sunday morning witnessed the second set of matches as part of the inter-hostel matches in tennis. This time it was Nilgiri vs Zanskar. The clash started with Abhay from Nil taking on Saurabh from Zanskar in the best of 3 sets singles match.

The first set witnessed players rallying a couple of shots on several points. The percentage accuracy of serves for both the players was also good. However, Saurabh’s consistency and better accuracy made him take the first set 6-3. It appeared that Nil was not as aggressive in the second set and hence Saurabh took games after games. A couple of good shots and winners along with consistency made him sail through in the second set and hence win the first match 6-3 6-2.

The second match was a doubles one. It was great to see the involvement of PhD students in the inter-hostels too as Saumav (a PhD student) joined Saurabh and Abhay paired with Nil. The match again was an easy one for Zanskar as Gaurav struggled with easy points too. However Zanskar too struggled with consistency on some points but overall they were certainly placing the ball well on court. The match ended with Zanskar winning the first two sets 6-3 6-2. And hence Zanskar sailed over Nil by winning 2 matches in straight sets (in a best of 3 clash).

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