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National Biogas Convention

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From 15th to 17th September, 2015 IIT Delhi hosted 2nd National Biogas Convention 2015: Current and Emerging trends in Indian Biogas and Bio-fertilizer Development under the Aegis of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan.

“National Biogas and Bio-fertiliser Mission” is primarily an Initiative of Centre for rural development.  The seminar hall and the area in front of Lipton saw great speakers, initiators and environmentalists discuss the future of energy resources and the possibility of India having Biogas as a more viable and reliable option.

Energy crisis has been a worry for a long time to all those who think about sustainability of human development and civilization. For long, scientists and engineers, everybody  has been trying to move towards renewable and more reliable sources of energy instead of fossil fuels which present a threat of environmental destruction and an untimely exhaustion. A nation which spends Rupees 8 Lac Crore on Petroleum import and 80,000 crores on fertilizers subsidy shall be blessed to have a waste disposal method that produces it a decent amount of energy and also high quality manure. The idea was very enthusiastically pitched and presented during the convention.  India has huge population in its villages and still nearly only 30 of City rich population have proper access to energy. India with an agrarian economy can easily have enough of this resource—Bio waste for the production of Biogas. The creation of self sustainable decentralized systems of production of Biogas energy is an idea being appreciated and explored.

For years govt of India is trying to promote solar energy as a solution and has been pushing the renewable sources of energy. We have a Solar Energy mission under which import of solar cells is subsidized by huge sums of money from govt. On similar lines like solar energy mission a National Biogas Mission is being proposed. Hon’ ble Minister of Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy, Govt of India, Shri Piyush Goyal expressed the commitment of ministry ad govt to take this mission in  primary priorities.

The first convention was held in IIT Delhi only in 2012. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have released a notification according to which Biogas can be officially used in vehicles and to our pride IIT Delhi happens to be the first institute that owns a Biogas Driven car in India. The CNG has >90%  Methane when extracted while Biogas has <60%  when produced. So the process of enrichment  and bottling of Biogas has come from Sweden but it was the research of IIT Delhi that has made it a cost effective option. Not only the car engine but also the an auto engine and even tractor engine have come out from the Biogas Lab of IITD situated between 2nd and 3rd block. 

9 companies from across India including Mahindra and Mahindra and Green Bricks Eco Solutions came to the exhibit their contribution and ambition in Biogas products like Biogas stove and Portable Gas Analyzer. Mahindra bragged its contribution to IIT Delhi’s research product ‘Biogas run Tractor trolley’ and alongside Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt Ltd (SAVPL) is appreciated for its efforts in producing Rice straw Biogas system which not only self sustainably runs agriculture in Chandigarh but also saves Delhi from enormous amounts of smog that used to be created by the smoke from burning rice straw.  

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