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AXLR8R Formula Racing Car Launch

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Axlr8r Formula Racing, the Formula Student chapter of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi officially launched their 5th car- XLR14 in the seminar hall.

These students are a group of undergraduates who dream to be true engineers and want to learn by putting their concepts into practical use. Their car, XLR14 is ready to participate and perform in the FS India to be held in Coimbatore in January 2015. The team secured 2nd in the qualifying quiz for FS India.

Divas Gupta, the team manager was instrumental in organising the event. Prateek Gupta, Chief Engineer of Suspension and Dynamics had this to say- “This car is more powerful than a hatchback and weighs 240 kg, a quarter of it. This has been achieved by the use of aircraft grade, Aluminium 7075 and composites wherever possible.” The driver of the car, Apoorv Tyagi, said, “Formula Student rules dictates that the car can only draw air from a 20 mm thin bore so as to decrease the top speed of the cars. Yet our car roars at 104 kmph”. 

The team also has a full-fledged operations department looking after marketing and publicity of team. It’s headed by Ishan Gupta, who added, “Axlr8r Formula Racing hopes to make India proud. We want to show to the world that even India can do wonders in Automotive Engineering. 

We wish them luck in their endeavours!
























































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