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Startup to Unicorn

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To quench the thirst of those driven by the lust of bringing an impact, those destined to choose the road less traveled, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIT Delhi in association with Matrix organised an interactive session with leading entrepreneurs and alumni last Tuesday.

“Startup to Unicorn” as the event was aptly named, the packed audience in V LT1 was taken through a journey of how a startup evolves to be a Unicorn. The event commenced with an exciting quiz; no wonder the goodies caught the attention of the audience well. Such were the communication skills of the speakers that the audience couldn't resist appreciating every bit that they said; after all they had the likes of Sumesh Menon (Co-founder, U2opia), Nikunj Jain (Co-founder, Frankly.me), Ishaan Bhola (Co-founder, Zimply.in) to listen to. This 90 minutes session had all the speakers sharing their experiences, challenges and strategies. Mr. Menon motivated students to delve deep and explore, experiment and fail fast so as to discover what's required to be successful. He talked about why college time offer the best of exposure, how genuine ideas are the exigency of time and how startups which increase efficiency fulfill the demand of the system. Mr. Bhola claimed Smartphones to be the steam-engines of the world today. Mr. Nikunj advised students to think about the world through one's own perspective and attempt to solve problems. To enjoy what one does and to do what one enjoys. It is the thinking process that matters ultimately. The event ended with open discussions with the audience and then everybody was provided with refreshments. It was a commendable job on the part of eDC to organize such a healthy interactive session.





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