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Talk on Public Policy

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Consulting and Analytics Club, DMS IIT Delhi organised a talk on Public Policy by Dr.D. Dhanuraj, honorable chairman of Centre for Public Policy and Research (CPPR).

CPPR was established in 2004 with a motive to bring a change in society. It has successfully implemented plans such as Mobility Hub in Vytilla, Livelihood Freedom Campaign and many more such projects.

Dr. Dhanuraj began by explaining what one means by Public Policy. Then he proceeded to tell us about Public Policy Framework. It included identification of a problem, selecting the desired objectives, identifying targets, laying out a plan and its implementation and finally the most important part- it’s assessment. He substantiated it by giving example of AADHAR, of how it was helping the Govt. in identifying the right target groups and helping in formulating public policy.

It was followed up by discussions on how vast the government was and what defined its role. He went on to explain the different categories of public policy which included substantive and procedural policies, distributive policies, and regulatory policies. He laid much emphasis on policy evaluation after implementation. It is something which India didn't practice a few years ago, but is really important today for further policy formulation.

He ended his speech by letting us know that learning public policy is at least an year long process and encouraging the audience to take an interest in Public Policy.







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