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Startup Success Story

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Recently, Mr Pulkit Sachan, an IIT Delhi student, won the Startup Innovation Award 2015. Here we try to take an insight into his mantra for success.



Mr. Pulkit Sachan is of the opinion that one should follow one’s passion. Be out of the books and don’t let anyone kill your passion. Nobody really cares about your degree after you graduate. It would be your knowledge and skills that would let you compete with the rest of the world. The world beckons you to go hungry and strive hard to beat your hunger.

Q.1:  Congratulations! How do you feel to achieve a distinction like this? Who do you give your credit to?

Pulkit: It feels nice; though it is very early and it is only a 4-5 months start-up and we never thought that we would achieve the same in such a short span of time. It obviously feels amazing and motivating at the same time.

Q.2:  Let us know your perspective of the app. How is it different from the existing players in the market? What makes it stand apart from the rest?

Pulkit: Our focus was to make the design very dynamic and powerful. The success of an app often depends upon its design and its user-interface. We believe that Design plays a greater role than technology itself. Talking of other apps currently, they don’t have great designs like Indian Consumer app which sucks in the interface part. So we outplay other competitors with the GUI as UI is the key. Our app also features special options like that of drawing a geographical polygon over the map. We don’t know any other app which offers the same. It lets you draw over the map with your finger. The app is easy to use.

Q.3: Briefly share your journey towards the development of the app, the hurdles you faced in the course and how did you form your team?

Pulkit: We are 2-3 guys i.e Core- Team members, I would say. There were hurdles in technological sense and other sense as well. My other companions are from IITD itself but they are not from Civil Engineering. We just shared a common ideology and grouped together to achieve the same. It is an amazing and conducive work environment and we hope for the best.

Q.4: How did the idea actually evolve? What does the app target?

Pulkit: The idea evolved out of my own experiences and that is the reason why it connects with the people. Occasionally I would go to Connaught Place and all. I like more of theatres, art and you know, these kind of stuff. I always struggled with finding information of the same as there was no organised information and the only means was the word of mouth. People would tell me “Hey! Go there is a play at this so and so place! It’s nice and worth a watch!” Hence the idea came out of a necessity, to have a feature of localised events, say to draw points over map and it would tell you what’s happening around you. 

Q.5: So this idea of a start-up, like app development, the idea of entrepreneurship for you was well developed when you were an undergraduate or it just evolved out after you graduated?

Pulkit:  In my college time, I would obviously think about entrepreneurship as it amazes everyone else in their undergraduate times but frankly, I didn’t have any idea at that time. So I had to pick up a job ultimately. But then Town-Trot comes in my life and I leave my job for the same.

Q.6: How do you react to the stereotype that only CS graduates are more involved in doing entrepreneurship with app development?

Pulkit: I am a Civil Engineer. Well, everybody around me knew that I was more of a CS guy rather than a civil engineer guy. You know, it’s very easy to learn all this stuff by yourself. Ocean of knowledge floods over the internet. So, it’s a cakewalk for anybody with determination and perseverance. It’s a matter of interest. I pursued this interest of mine while back in my college time and with time, I only became better and better.

Q.7: Well, since you are so involved with computer science stuff, CS must have always appealed a darling to you. Did you ever aim for a DepC while in your time at IITD?

Pulkit: Well (smiling) I have not been academically strong. So, I have never thought of it. It has been out of my domain completely. It doesn’t matter to have a degree of Computer Science. You should just possess the knowledge to do stuff. I don’t think your degree outplays your skills. And after graduating, nobody really cares about your degree. Just have a knack for your interests.

Q.8: Share with us your hobbies and interests.

Pulkit: Well, I am into novels and all. But right now, I don’t find enough time to follow the same because of my busy schedule into work. I used to read them a lot. I don’t have time right now.  And I appreciate theatre and art, the reason that I got Town-Trot now. I am not a movie- freak.

Q.9: How was your life at IITD, from academics to hostel life?

Pulkit: It was pretty cool basically. Academically, (laughing) it was void and null. I was not an academic kind of guy, I just pursued my interests. This is it.

Q.10: How do you look forward to what you have achieved right now? What are your future plans?

Pulkit:  This is a very initial stage of us (Town-Trot). At this point of time, we are just aiming at garnering more and more users to the app. We want to develop a strong customer base and to let it grow into a big start-up.

Try the app out at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.towntrot.app


We hope you like it!


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