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John Kerry in campus !

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In a highly exciting morning our institute played host to Mr. John Kerry, the US secretary of state, amid some very tight security.

Kerry is visiting India for the 5th Indo-US Defense talks. Nevertheless he squeezed out some time to visit our institute. Kerry had made known his wish to visit the Applied Microbiology Lab and Bioprocess Lab to the institute administration and was accompanied by our Director, Professor R K Shevgaonkar. He interacted with the students in the Bioprocess Lab and took keen interest in the projects. Ms. Geeta, a Ph.D. scholar interacted with the secretary about her research on generation of environment friendly bio-degradable plastic from renewable resources such as molasses, waste glycerol. Kerry also visited the Applied Microbiology lab which had research on using algae to produce clean water and biomass. By the looks of it, the US as it has been for quite some time, is ready to look eastward for sustainable energy solutions. Smells like a golden opportunity for the IIT community!!!


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