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JAM - Just a Minute

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Literary club of IIT Delhi conducted its much awaited event of this semester on 17th April, Just a Minute (JAM). JAM involves multiple speakers attempting to speak for as long as possible in Queen’s English.

Other speakers attempt to point out errors in order to gain a turn to speak. While this may seem easy, it is extremely tough and this can be gauged by the fact that one round (1 minute of JAM) lasts for about half an hour.

The preliminary rounds of this event were held in three different places to sort out the participants. The places were SAC Committee room, SAC Music room and Nilgiri Common room. Top 5 participants were selected from each of these places and final was held in SAC Committee room. Enthusiasm to win the completion could be clearly seen in all the selected candidates for the final round.

After a brief introduction by JAM Master, the final round began with students introducing themselves. The laughter gained in pitch after every introduction, with JAM names like Godfather and Pamela leaving the audience in splits. The final was conducted in two rounds namely the story round and the database round. Both rounds were about 45 second’s duration each. The beginning of the storyline was decided by the JAM master after he listened to the opinions of the participants present.

Vedant Sharma of Kumaon began strongly, but lost tempo after the introduction of interesting khoofia’s. The khoofia’s are orders that the speakers have to follow, and creative khoofia’s like constructing alternative stories raised the complexity by a notch.
After two long rounds, Dhruv Mittal of Kumaon, emerged the clear winner, followed by Rishi Mundra and Sagnik Ghosh of Nilgiri.

The event marked a refreshing shift in perspective where the participants were looking to maximize their enjoyment, despite it being a competitive event.

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