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League Quiz

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Thursday night witnessed the first Quizzing Club event for the year- L' appel Du Vide, a League Quiz.

An interesting name for a quiz, with an even interesting meaning (do check it out), it was hosted by Quizmaster Pratyush Goel. 9 teams competed against each other in 2 bounce/pounce rounds with 50 questions in total. The questions were quite varied, with the topics ranging from art to literature to entertainment and business and even anime. The quiz saw participation from all years except freshers, as they were barred from participating in this quiz. 6 league teams were in the quiz through direct entry. Finally, after much conjecture and brain-scrambling, the team, Winterfellas consisting of Ashutosh Mishra, Utkarsha Agwan, Gurkanwar Singh and Shashwat Shivam, emerged as the winners in the quiz.





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