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Institute Dance Production, 2015

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The most awaited dance event of the year, The “Institute Dance Production (IDP)”, was held on 18th April amid great excitement and fanfare.

The amazing hard work put in by the freshers and their mentors was clearly visible at each and every moment of this grand spectacle. The varied range of dance forms, starting from Indian Classical to contemporary Hip-Hop had the audience mesmerized and yearning for more. Every dance piece had its own charm and unique style, whether it be the ubiquitous item song or the universally loved contemporary dance number. However, the highlights of the event were the three special performances presented by the students of IP College, SRCC and IIT Delhi. The IDP also featured a joint performance where all of them performed together, which resulted in one of the best acts of the night. The girls from IP College set the stage on fire when they danced by singing the song along. The audience was very responsive and appreciated their enthusiasm. 

The event reached its zenith with the final act being performed by the V-Defyn Dance Academy of IIT Delhi. Meticulously planned and executed to perfection, their performance showed us why they are considered one of the best dance societies in our country. Though the organization of the event could have been a bit better, this year’s IDP has still set a new standard in dancing that we hope will be maintained and even surpassed in the years to come. Kudos to the Dance Club of IIT Delhi!







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