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Consonance - Musical Concert

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The Music Club brought out its last event for the year, Consonance, on the 13th of March.

Consonance, rechristened from Malhaar, was put up with much zeal and fanfare. The event was set off with the mellifluous strains of “Ye do Des Hai Mera” from Swades which left the atmosphere resonating with warmth. The whole jamboree consisted of twenty eight hand-picked pieces; some solo performances, some instrumental renditions and many group songs. From the Indian classics like Abhi Na Jao to western pop-rock hybrids like Hey Jude by the Beetles, from Bollywood pop numbers to folks like Maeri and Kabira, the performances gripped the audience with every song showcased.

With milds like Lage Tumse Man Ki Lagan and Raabta to the feisty Godfather theme performed brilliantly on the harmonica and the flute, the whole array of presentations was replete with all that touches the strings of a musician’s heart. The event also featured two medleys, notably an Arijit Singh’s medley that left the crowd cheering for more!

The event also saw a huge participation from the first year students and a few soulful performances by the last-timers, waiting to say their goodbyes. All in all, the event ended on a high note, recording some outstanding instrumental routines on the flute, harmonica and the synth.




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