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Jukebox-Western Music Competition

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Jukebox, the competitive event of the Music Club as a part of the RCA week was organised in the Seminar Hall on 2nd February, 2015.

The event saw some innovative promotional ideas being put forward by the music secretary Tanmay Mathur, with the music reps handing out fliers prior to the event.

Throughout the event, the audience was exposed to some foot-tapping western music genres like Jazz, Country, Reggae, Classic Rock etc. This was a deviation from the usual western music events which focus more on Metal or Hard-Rock. Similar to the Group Dance event of the Dance Club, this event too was based on the concept of clubbing of hostels to pool the music talent of various hostels together.

One after the other, 6 performances sent the crowd into pandemonium. The innovative alterations done to songs by teams was simply amazing, be it a Jazz version of Don't you worry child, merging the sweet tunes of the flute with Spirit carries on or an intense Rains of Castamere. The judges for the event were Ritesh Khokar (founder of Bridge Music Academy), Sudhanshu Mishra (Music Engineer) and Himanshu (Exceptional Drummer).

The collaboration of Kumaon and Zanskar stood first in the event, with Shivalik and Nilgiri standing second and Kailash, Himadri & Vindhyachal grabbing the third position. The event surely paves the way to some even better events by the Music Club to mesmerise audiences in the future.

Reported by Nikhil Chaturvedi

Photos captured by Shivam Prajapati


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