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Lohri Night at IITD

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14th January saw the celebrations of the popular festival Lohri by the IITD community across the campus.

Even though Lohri is a harvest festival which might not be remotely connected to engineering students but that could not bring the enthusiasm of the students down to any extent. The celebrations included the usual rituals, dancing and singing around the fire on the beats of the dhol which was a common sight throughout the campus. The Music Club had organised a ‘Lohri Night’ at SAC Lawns which was kicked off by musical performances, some by the freshers before the crowd took it away and pretty soon the beats of the dhol were the only prevalent sound. Music and the common fire was organised almost across all hostels which saw a large turnout across many hostels. One would not have expected people to miss this opportunity to sing, dance and enjoy free of concerns given that the next day is a holiday. Hope you all had a lot of fun last night, Happy Lohri once again! And while we’re at it, Happy Makar Sankranti as well!

- Reported by Ishan Tyagi



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