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Friday Night by Music Club

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The Music club, IIT Delhi, presented its very first informal live event, Friday Nights on Friday, 26th September in SAC Lawns.

The event was organised primarily for the freshers to witness the exuberant music culture at IIT Delhi and to themselves get involved in the medley of chords, tunes, melodies, rhythms etc. It provided avenue for students to come together and enjoy music without the formality and restrictions of a competitive event. All performances were overwhelming notwithstanding the non-competitive nature of the event. Musicians/Vocalists harmoniously put their efforts in unison to create a visual delight regardless of hostel “patriotic” spirit. The performances consisted of solo vocals, chorus, solo instrumentals, fusion instrumentals, medleys, self-composed songs etc. There was also a performance by the Rendezvous eastern music team showing their experience and expertise . These were well received by the audience which basically consisted of fresher junta who turned up in good numbers. Their enthusiasm in musicals seemed evident by the frequent hooting/whistling at intricate rhythmic fusion mix or soft captivating applause at beautifully orchestrated notes. This was also a chance for senior music representatives to look for fresh talent in the field of music and many freshmen’s performances looked promising enough for the same. This event was well coordinated by the seniors. The flow was smooth except for some technical glitches. The event was in all a success with a promise for more such informal events in future.

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