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Calvin n Hobbes Discussion

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The Literary Club, on 22nd September, organised a readers’ discussion on the very popular “Calvin and Hobbes” Comic strips which have gripped readers’ imagination for over 30 years now.

The discussion, moderated by Professor Angelie Multani of the Humanities Department began with the readers’ discoursing on the disturbingly creative “Snowmen Comics” and progressed to the underlying theme of the comics, in general. Some claimed that the comics are the way they are just to tickle one’s funny bone, simultaneously posing a question that innocently urges the reader to think. Others, on a more serious line of thought claimed that Bill Watterson indeed wanted the audience to ponder over the society as a functioning organ. The discussion then moved on to how relevant taking a 6-year old for a protagonist is, with some claiming that perceived outrageous comments could be safely brought in because of his young age, since a child is generally forgiven for his actions. Others suggested that having a radically different line of thought made Calvin something of a loner, hence, we have Hobbes as a gentle, close-to-adult, but very attentive fantastic friend of Calvin, who at times of doubt pushes him to think rationally. The creator was decided upon as a thinking man of the modern-day society who would illustrate what he thought as loopholes in the modern system via the well-illustrated comic, even though he refrained from giving his own perception of utopia. The legendary success of “Calvin and Hobbes” has been attributed to its endearing portrayal of simple, mundane themes which, without any commercialization has managed to immortalize its legacy in hearts of generations galore. The turnout at the discussion was large with over 80 people talking at length about their favorite cartoon strip. This was the second in the series of Literary Club “Readers’ Circle” discussions, after the Mahabharta. The Literary Club is open to suggestions as to what the next literature piece should be.

The winners of the Creative Writing Contest, held from the 13th to 28th of August were awarded by the moderator at the end of the event. Himanshu Satija from Zanskar was awarded the first prize in the english section, while Vinay Prakash Sharma bagged the first prize in the Hindi section, and Yash Jain came in second.

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